Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Moutains to Climb"

March 24, 2014

This week has been absolutely amazing!! I have learned so much. There has been a lot of change in my heart, surroundings, etc. But I love it all!!
And I love being a missionary!! I feel that I always say that. But it's true. I love being able to serve someone. To be an answer to someone's prayer. I just love that we can/are the answer to others prayers because we are trying to serve and do God's will!!

So I got transferred!!

But right before I got transferred, I got one phone call in particular from a sister that we had been meeting with that had stopped coming to church for a while. And I was sad about that.  But I talked to her on the phone the day of transfers and she said that I helped her change her life around and stop smoking. She said she was so grateful for that! That really touched me!!

And I am in a new area now. Centreville, VA! In the Centreville 2nd Ward. It is a great ward. There are so many kids, it's great! So fun. They keep us on our toes!  It is a more suburban area. Not as many cars, not as much traffic. The ward is so great!! It has been a great couple days here already!

We have seen great miracles!!
This is one of them..
We were getting into our car, and Sister Anderson decided to try and talk to a lady walking by us.  She was walking really fast, but she stopped to talk.  She loves Mormons and said that if she wasn't born Catholic, she would have been a Mormon. She was so nice and cute! Then she just asked if we could pray for her because she was going through a divorce.  And she was worried about a lot of things. We bore our testimonies with her and shared the Mormon Message "Mountains to Climb" on our ipads.  She loved it so much! She has such great faith! And we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon as well.  She said that when she had left the house to go on a walk her heart was so heavy. She said that it felt better now.  Oh my! What a miracle!!! Just think if we had assumed she was in a hurry and hadn't stopped to talk to her!! Oh my!!

I know that we are in specific places and with specific people for a reason. And we all can make a difference. We have the Gospel of Jesus Christ and there are so many that need it right now. They are going through hard times, and as we just love them and share with them our testimonies, they will know that we are an answer to their prayers!!

Here is the link to the video we showed her! It has helped me get through all that has been happening lately!!

I know we all have hard times and challenges. Those are our mountains.  I know I have felt like there have been a lot of mountains in my life lately. But I do know that as we look to our Savior Jesus Christ, wait patiently, and pray and read the scriptures to seek revelation from our Heavenly Father, we find peace and joy along the hard journey!!  I've felt that peace so much in the last couple months!!

And I love my new companion Sister Anderson! She is so great!! And she is also a head taller than me! We both laugh about that a lot! And cool fact: We were both trained by Sister Hansen!!! :)

Sister Udall

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