Monday, June 2, 2014

Flowers, Pund Cake, and MIRACLES!!!!

June 2, 2014

This week was an interesting one, but there were so many miracles that came along with it. We packed so much in this week that it actually seemed like a long week now that I'm looking back at it. But it also flew by.
Monday night we got a call from the member in our ward that did the Garden party. He dropped by 6 loaves of pound cake and an entire container of cookies!! We were so overwhelmed, we had too many sweets in our apartment!! But we decided that we were going to give them all away to people! It worked miracles.

I won't have time to tell you all of the miracles that came from it, but hopefully I can share a few.
We had gotten a call from someone that we had helped out a lot the past two weeks. She told us how much she appreciated all that we did for her. She also asked us to thank the ward members that helped out. So we delivered a lot of pound cake to the members ;)  We had so many members that thought it was the nicest thing!! Something that small and simple goes a long way!
We also delivered some to this lady's friend, who is not a member. She let her stay in her home while she was homeless. (I can't remember if I've  mentioned the whole story, but this lady was going through a spousal separation and didn't have a place to live. Really rough.)  The friend is the nicest!! We went and took pound cake to her, and she said that pound cake is her family's FAVORITE!! She was very honest about that. Only Heavenly Father could have known that little detail and inspired one of our members to drop off an abundance of pound cake at our house.  She was so grateful for it, and she said that she would want to learn more about the church! :) 
We also talked to a lady named Rosa. She was outside talking to us on her front porch for a really long time. At the end of our conversation, she had given us some flowers that she bought at Walmart that day. It was a simple gift that touched me so much!!
And we also had the neatest lesson this week!! Let me give you a little bit of background before I jump into it!!
Last week we had a young women in our ward come up to us and tell us that her friend had asked her if she could meet with the missionaries. The church had come up in conversation because she had been talking about her brother who is serving a mission right now. The friend said something like, "Can I meet with the missionaries? Can that be arranged?"  The friend said, "Yes! Of Course!" 
So then a week later, we are in this young women's home teaching her friend! It was the first time we had met her. She was so happy to meet with us. When we asked what she expected, she said, "I just want to learn more about your church.  I don't know much about it."

We were really excited to hear that, so we taught her all about the Restoration and about how Christ's Church was restored!! She was really excited when we got to the part about the first vision and the restoration of the priesthood. It was so neat to see the Spirit teach her that it was true!!!!! At the end she said that she wanted to learn more and wanted to come to church! She said that she would be baptized!

It was a really neat experience. What I learned from that lesson was that teaching the doctrine plainly and simply gives room for the Spirit to testify that it is true!! :) Don't be afraid what we hold near and dear to us with others. If they are prepared and ready, the Spirit will teach them. 

Then in Sacrament meeting the next Sunday, the member bore her testimony about how scared she was at first, but she learned that God knows her friends better than she does!! It was a really neat experience!!!!

I'm so grateful to be a missionary!! Through all of the ups and downs, there is that constant of the gospel.  It brings so much peace to teach and testify of it every day.
Love you ALL!!
Sister Udall

Flowers given to Sister Udall
and her companion.

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