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May 19, 2014

Hello everyone!!!

So this week I have learned so much. I feel like I have stuffed two-weeks worth of experiences and stories into one week. And I have a lot of stories that I want to share. So here it goes!!!
Monday one of our investigators said that she wanted to be baptized!!!!!! We went over to her house and gave her some flowers for Mother's Day because her two daughters were on vacation. We started talking about how her life has changed since meeting with the missionaries. She said that she feels so much peace after we leave and when we are there. We got to testify that was the Spirit. She also shared a neat experience with us about her prayers being answered. She said that this is the closest she has ever been to God before. When we invited her to be baptized, she wasn't sure. Then she proceeded to talk herself into it for 10 minutes! It was great! haha She is really excited to be baptized. 
On Tuesday we had an appointment with someone, but they had forgotten about it.  She was running out the door as we were walking up.  So we talked to her for a few minutes and then we rescheduled. Then I noticed her neighbor standing on her porch.  I felt that she was just waiting for us to come and talk to her! So I told Sister Anderson that we needed to go and talk to her, and we did!! I'm so glad that I followed that prompting to go talk to her. This lady has been going through a really hard time.  She has been changing her life around and is lonely because she doesn't have anyone to turn to. All of her old friends are still making the wrong decisions. So we were there to talk to her. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and she shared the neatest experience with us!!  She said that years ago she had a Book of Mormon in her closet. She didn't know how it had gotten there, so she was scared of the book. She didn't know what it was. She prayed and asked God to know what it was and if it was good. She said that she had a dream that said it was separate from the Bible and was a story of a different people. After that dream, she wasn't as scared.  OUR JAWS DROPPED!! We told her that she was right about that.  She really liked what we taught her about the Book of Mormon. She said she wants to come to church with us because she is looking for a new church.  It was a wonderful miracle!!
Later that day, we went to a Relief Society activity.  The name of the activity was, "He Knows My Name".  It was a really neat activity. We all shared our testimony and experiences about how Christ knows us personally.  I was able to reflect on so many moments on my mission, and in my life where I have seen evidences of that. He know us! He knows our families, friends, communities, etc.  I loved that activity so much.  It was much needed :)
We did a lot of service this week.  We cleaned someone's kitchen because she is pregnant and about to pop!  We also helped a couple pack up some of their stuff because they are moving soon. They fed us lunch afterwards and they gave us a HUGE plate of spaghetti.  It was GIGANTIC!! Somehow I ate it all. That was a miracle.
Saturday was an eventful day!! We went to Kensington, Maryland and heard Elder Ballard address 760 missionaries from the Washington DC South Mission, Washington DC North Mission, and Baltimore, Maryland Mission.  It was amazing to hear an apostle of the Lord speak directly to us.  I learned so much!
I learned one HUGE lesson at the conference: TALK TO EVERYONE!!! I already love to do that, and feel really guilty if we don't talk to everyone, but I understand why it is so important.  I love how Elder Ballard said that it doesn't matter if they aren't in "your area", God put you there, so you need to talk to them.(He is very matter-of-fact about things.)
While at the conference, Hermana Ward told me about an investigator that is getting baptized May 31st because I talked to him!! It is a really neat miracle, so I thought I'd share it.
On one of the snow days in February, Sister Taylor and I decided to walk 1.5 miles down Route 1 to our appointment.  We couldn't find anyone to drive us, so we went for it and walked!! It was cold and a pretty miserable walk. We were going to be late for the appointment, and I doubted if it was even worth it because I didn't know how we would get home in time after our lesson. But we felt strongly to go and see them, so we went. On the way to the appointment, we were offered a ride.  Surprisingly I said no, and we kept on walking. At first I remember thinking, why didn't we take the ride?  But God knew that we needed to talk to Ramon!! Since it was snowing, no one was outside. But there were two people shoveling some snow. I got really excited and decided to talk to them. They were Hispanic, so I used the little bit of Spanish that I knew.  Luckily he spoke some English too.  I found out that he had met with the Hermanas before! I got really excited because I had just spent a few days with the Hermanas before transfers. (And they had talked about a Ramon.  I got really excited because here I was meeting him!!)  He told me that he really wanted to come to church and have the Hermanas come over and teach him again.  He said that he had been really busy, but wanted them to come back.  We were really excited that we had met him. He told us that he was just about done with his work assignment and was leaving in a few minutes!! Then I knew that it was meant to be!!
The next day I told the Hermanas that they needed to go back and teach Ramon.  That was that. I didn't hear anything about him after that.
But on Saturday, Hermana Wad said that he was getting baptized on the 31st because we had stopped and talked to him!! God puts prepared people in our path. We just need to trust that they are prepared, even if they aren't someone that we will ever teach.  I want to bring an investigator to that baptism, even if it's in Spanish :)
I'm grateful that Hermana Ward told me that.  I feel so grateful to know that my efforts are bringing forth good things. But even if I don't ever know what happens, I know that I followed the Spirit.  That experience was such a testimony builder for me!!   God knows the names of the people that we teach. He knows us. He knows the talents, capabilities, and qualities of his fellow servants. 
I honestly could go all day talking about all that we did this week.  The bottom line is that I know that I can do more as a missionary. I know that I can be better. I know that the Lord needs me to be myself and go out there and share my testimony!! The Spirit that they feel will touch their heart.  I feel so blessed that I have this opportunity to work hard to be an instrument in God's hands. I want to continue to do that throughout my life. I'm so glad that it is a full time job right now. He is blessing me SO MUCH!!
Know that YOU will make a difference as you are wiling to serve God.  He knows you, and He will tell you what you need to do to bless others lives!!

I love each and every one of you!! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Udall

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