Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Miracles!!!!

Hello lovely family and friends!!!
OK! So this week my letter won't be so much a letter, just pictures with stories to go along with it. I actually took picture this week!! WHOHOOO!!!!

And I love CHRISTMAS!!!! Here are my favorite Christmas scriptures this year:
John 3:16-17
16 ¶For aGod so bloved the cworld, that he dgave his eonly begotten fSon, that whosoever gbelieveth in him should not perish, but have heverlasting ilife.
 17 For God asent not his Son into the world to bcondemn the world; but that the world through him might be csaved.

Luke 2:14
14 aGlory to God in the highest, and on earth bpeace, good will toward men.
(Note for mom...this will be in lots of little emails with the picture and the description..put it together how you want ;)

Monday we had SNOW!!!!! And we got to decorate our car after gym time :) And everyone in VA puts their windshield wipers up like that so they don't freeze to the car. Smart. We thought that we would fit in and do as the Virginians do :)

 And we got to spend time at the Campbell's home. They are members in our ward. They had an open house party. We got to help her clean her home and then we got to meet all of their neighbors! They just moved into their home, so they wanted to have a party to get to know everyone! Everyone had such an amazing time! I could really feel the spirit of Christ there as people got together as neighbors :) They handed out the Joy to the World DVD as a little Christmas present. Too cute! I just love their Christmas tree...it looks so pretty from the outside. So here is a picture of it!

We had lots of packages delivered. Those were tender mercies! People are too nice to us! We even had an anonymous package delivered to our door. Sourdough bread and a poinsettias! SOOO CUTE! And who knew I was craving sourdough this week?!! Heavenly Father watches out for us!!!! I love the Christmas season of giving! I'm grateful for all that Christ has given us!!

Sister Randquist's mom gave us a little Christmas tree! The yellow and orange paper cranes Sister Randquist made. So talented. And the candy cane heart that my Grandpa had sent me was the perfect thing for the top of the tree!

We taught a lesson in a Mexican bakery :) So fun!!!
And we had a Christmas talent show with the whole mission! The senior couples played the chimes for us!!! It was on the spot and they were great! A family tradition being carried out on the mission!!!

And last night we had the opportunity to perform in the Stake Christmas concert in Mount Vernon. We had a ward member direct us....Larry Clouse. He is so talented and whipped us missionaries into shape!!! I am so grateful that I got to learn from him!

We sang, "I Heard the Bells of Christmas Day" and also combined a little bit of "Far Far Away" in with it! Everyone said that we did a good job! It was really fun to be singing about the true meaning of the Christmas season with everyone! That God lives and that Christ is our Savior!!!!
Well that's all I got for you!!!!!!!!!
I love you all and hope that your Christmas season continues to be well and is centered around our Savior Jesus Christ! I know that this time is a joyous time! Just like the scripture!!!!!! "GLORY TO GOD" and "PEACE ON EARTH"!!!! I know that there is truly peace on earth because of our Savior Jesus Christ!
Love you all!!!!!!
Sister Udall

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

I think I will send her some money to get a few extra keys so she can hide them strategically for her adventures. Clearly the weather is frightful and there is no delightful fire. Good thing her coat arrived a few weeks ago!  It is comforting to know she will be warm despite rain and cold.  
Thank you for all the love and support you give her!

December 2, 2013

Oh my, well there are so many miracles and tender mercies that have happened this week. Also a lot of adventures too!! But I love how life, all the experiences that we do face, help us to learn, grow, and realize that the principles of the gospel really do apply in our own personal lives.
So...I will just start from Monday.  P-day. It was great and relaxing, but then we locked ourselves out as we were going to get the car washed. We couldn't do that anymore because I had left the keys in the house. Luckily the office was still opened. So we both laughed as we walked to the office and got it all taken care of.  We said, oh we won't do that again!! Good thing it happened now when the office was open. 
Sister Udall and Sister Stones
Tuesday we went on exchanges! I got the wonderful opportunity to serve with Sister Stones! She is amazing! One thing that was a tender mercy was that I realized that she was a lot like me in some ways. That brought me so much comfort! That not all missionaries need to act a certain way! I had always heard that, but when I realized that we had little quirks that were the same and she was an amazing missionary it made me realize that we can do the Lord's work no matter who we are!! He makes us great! I hope that made any sense at all, but it brought peace to my heart.  We had a really fun day, because I stayed in the area and led it out. I don't know the area too well yet, but it was a good learning experience. We just had an adventure. It rained straight throughout the entire day!!  I just decided even before the exchange started that my attitude would be...Bring on the day, with patience, prayer, and a positive attitude we can work it all out! And we did see lots of miracles. Everyone that we went and saw was home!!!  I also had left my planner in the apartment, so I was going off of memory. And we made it everywhere safely and it all worked out. Because I had made up my mind to just be happy, go with the flow, and trust in the Lord, I didn't freak out. Wowza. Miracles galore. We also had matching coats!! That was a blast :)
Sister Udall and Sister Randquist
Locked out of their apartment for the
second time in a week. 
Thursday was Thanksgiving!!!! It was really fun. We went to a couple members' homes throughout the day. One family has a lot of really fun little kiddos.  We got to sing some primary songs with them to help calm the extra excitement going on in the home.  One of the little girls also shared with me her favorite scripture. It was too cute!!! Oh, I got to try liver at their house. It wasn't bad at all.  And then we had dinner at another member's home. It was a Thanksgiving miracle that we got there!!!! So before that we were determined to go and wash the car.  (It was kind of like a second pday because we could not proselyte).  Well, we walked out the door and I had left the keys in the house again!!!! Oh man! We just had to laugh! I was a little frustrated at first, but what could we do!? We just laughed about it and called it an adventure. We said many prayers of help and patience, made lots of phone calls, and met some of our neighbors.  The bummer was that the office was not opened. So that option was out.  We had it all lined up to somehow at least get into our apartment so that we could go to bed, but we weren't sure when we would get in.  Then a neighbor helped us out! Miracles!!!! He helped us break in...that's scary in some ways, but now we know to lock the top as well. He was our angel that day!!! Again, Heavenly Father just taught me patience. He taught me to just laugh through the frustrating and trying moments. 
There is so much more I could say, but I am running out of time. Those are just some of the highlights and miracles from this week. 
This scripture is the scripture of the week.  Sister Stones read it to one of our investigators, and I loved her insight. I also ended up studying it more this morning and oh man, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!
aPeace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be ctroubled, neither let it be afraid. (John 14:27)
So I was thinking back on all the many experiences that I have had this week.  This scripture sums it all up.  Heavenly Father has promised us peace, but we must choose to feel that peace by letting him into our lives and letting our heart "not...be troubled, neither let it be afraid".  The two words that stood out to me were "let" and "unto".  Heavenly Father will bring peace unto our hearts, but we must let it in.  We have the choice.  We receive the promised blessings by acting and moving forward in faith. I know that this is true. That is what got me through this week!!  And I know that as I acted--when I said a prayer when I was frustrated, upset, needed help, etc., or when I smiled and laughed, or when I just decided to be happy and smile even though I was exhausted--I felt that peace from God. 

I love you all and hope you all had such a very wonderful Thanksgiving! I am grateful for all of you. You are all such special blessings in my life!!!

Sister Udall
PS: The pictures are of us locked out and of Sister Stones and I in our matching coats :)

Monday, November 25, 2013


FYI, you can find Rachel on facebook now, Rachel Udall. She is now aloud to have a facebook page for those who do facebook. Look her up!
Her blog is now officially updated. I apologize for not posting last week. 

November 25, 2013


So this week there was a definite lesson that Heavenly Father wanted me to learn...and that is to be grateful for my trials/oppositions/etc. along with all of the many many many many blessings that he has blessed me with. I know that the things he has blessed me with and has promised me outweigh the hard things that I am facing. But it's all about perspective! It's all about making sure that we remember the eternal perspective and not focus too much on the temporal things/needs/wants right here and right now.  Pretty much every lesson that we had this week somehow came back to being grateful for the trials that we go through, because they make us grow!! And I can attest to that! No one likes growing pains in the moment, but it makes us taller and stronger in the long run!!
So here are some things that I am grateful for...
Sister Randquist! (We have so many people put in our life for a specific reason...and she is one of them! I know that she is my companion to help me learn and grow and to just love me and be there for me!)
Faith (It is so comforting to know that we don't need to know things right away! This gospel is one of faith! Moving forward with the hope and desire for things to be true and acting on it! I am grateful for my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ!)
Friends, family, everyone that I meet...they have all been my angels this week!!! I have received so  many nice words from so many people this week that have made my day. It has increased my faith and kept me going :) Kind words, deeds, and "generous thoughts" are tender mercies from Heavenly Father.
The scriptures! I have found so much comfort and peace and direction through the scriptures. My love for them has grown so much on my mission! I am so grateful that I have had this time to study them, search them, ponder them, and find out for myself if they are true.
The unfailing love and mercy of Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.  Oh, how wonderful it is to know that God and Christ love us unconditionally! All that is good and all that is hopeful comes from them! I love that I know that I am a daughter of God! It brings me so much peace, comfort, and joy every day!
So these are just a few of the things that I am grateful for...the list could go on forever! I am striving to have a more grateful heart and attitude. It goes a long ways. When I am down or sad, a grateful attitude changes my perspective around. I am so thankful for this season of gratitude and thanksgiving for everything that our Heavenly Father has given us! I am grateful for this time on earth. I am grateful for this mortal experience. And even though there is sorrow, disappointment, and pain at times, it just makes our joy and happiness that much greater! I have so much to be grateful for and hope that we can all take the time to sit down, be still, and ponder all of the miraculous things that Heavenly Father has given us!!! Life truly is splendid, beautiful, and wonderful!!!
The work is good! We have had so many miracles this week! It is amazing to see how love is the answer. I know that may seem very cliché and silly. But I know that it is true. When I have really focused on letting my friends that I have met know that they are sons and daughters of God, their countenances change. When they can feel His love, their eyes sparkle just a little bit more. I know that His Spirit is healing and brings so much peace and joy to my heart!  One of my lifelong goals is to just let others know that they are LOVED! If nothing else, that is what I want others to feel! I want them to feel loved, just as I feel so loved!!!
I hope you all know how much I love you!
Sister Udall


November 18, 2013

Oh my my my! Change!  Transfers came and I am officially not in Great Falls.  I am serving in the Mount Vernon Ward! I live in Alexandria, VA now. 
I love Great Falls, there is a very special place for it in my heart. But I am excited to meet new people, love and serve them, and love Mount Vernon just as much as I do Great Falls!!
But before I left I did get one last chocolate ice cream soda from Brother Davis :)  Our sugar fast has officially ended since the transfer is over. But I need to remember that moderation in all things is key :)
It is more city than rolling hills and mansion after mansion, but it is wonderful here! There are people from all over the world!  In the 5 days I have been here I have met people from Ghana, Sierra Leon, the Philippines, and all over I can't even say.  These people have gone through more hardships and struggles.  It is humbling to listen to their stories and life events. One thing that might be hard for me is remembering all of their names. They are all so uniqe and different. I love it!  I love it here already!! Our church building is right on the Potomac River. I should have taken a picture. It's gorgeous! And it is right next to Mount Vernon, George Washington's home as well. 
We have had a very exciting week so far. Oh, well first I should tell you who my new companion is...her name is Sister Randquist! She is AMAZING! I know that Heavenly Father put us together for a reason. I can't wait to learn so much from her! 
The first morning together our water was not working and we had to go to another sister missionary's apartment to use their shower.  Oh fun times! But while we were going to the office to get it fixed, we met a super nice man, and we helped him get into the gym.  He said he would love to come and hear what we have to say some time.  I am so glad that our water wasn't working! Everything happens for a reason.
Our apartment is super cute!!! There is even a piano in it! One thing that I had started to do when I was at the Davis' was to practice the piano during lunch hours.  Well I was really sad that I couldn't do that anymore...just kidding! Heavenly Father provides tender tender mercies for us! A piano is just one of many :) 
We have 8 missionaries serving in our ward. Crazy to go from just one set to 4! We have 2 sets of elders, us sisters, and a senior couple. What a fun time to be a missionary when we are all working together in the same ward to hasten his work along! This will be a fun learning experience to work closely with so many missionaries and learn from all of them. 
Sister Randquist has already strengthened my testimony so much! She has such a wonderful spirit about her!  I know that we all have such an integral and wonderful part in Heavenly Father's work for us!! I know that we all have different talents and abilities so that we can teach others, be someone's friend, and provide service in just the way that the Lord needs it!!  I know that Heavenly Father is guiding this work.  He can play a part in all of our daily lives if we let him and invite the Spirit into our hearts.  The Spirit then tells us what we need to do in order to help out in this great work.  I am learning to just follow my good thoughts, because they come from the spirit.  In Relief Society yesterday a sister quoted on of the general authorities that had once said, "Never suppress a generous thought." I want to work on that this week!! 
I know that this gospel is the same wherever we may be and that it applies to us all throughout our lives. I know that no matter what our situation, station, or anything else is, I know that Heavenly Father loves us, cares about us, and wants us to be happy!!!
I pray and hope that everyone has a spectacular week!!
Sister Udall

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mt. Vernon here I come!

Rachel was transferred to Mt. Vernon today.  She will be serving in the Alexandria/Mt. Vernon area.

Her new address is:

Sister Rachel Udall
7510 Republic Ct. #102
Alexandria, VA  22306

Day of Transfers with old companion:
Sister Phelps and Sister Udall
Day of Transfers with new companion:
Sister Radquist and Sister Udall

Hello to All!

So there is so much to write but only 11 minutes left!!! So I just want to let you know that this week was filled with so many miracles! And I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us so much!!! A few quick highlights of the week...
1. We got to go to the Temple Visitor's Center with one of our investigators! It was so great!!!! The spirit was so strong, and the sisters that were teaching were so amazing! Everything that they were saying was what our investigator needed to hear. It was so relatable! I know that the Spirit was inspiring them with the words to say and that Heavenly Father chose those sisters to teach for a reason. I love the temple and know that it is the House of God.  Iknow that it is so crucial for each and every one of us to make the temple our goal!

2. We got to go to DC yesterday. We went to the Holocaust Museum.  Definitely a sobering experience, but empowering.  I just went away wanting to do my part and only help others understand the worth and value that they have! I know that as we love and serve others as our Heavenly Father would that we can help others know that they are children of God and that he loves them! As I have come to know that I am a literally a daughter of my Heavenly Father and that he loves me, it has given me the confidence to become more!  I know that we can all do good to help lift others up!

3. I have been in Great Falls for 6 months now...where does the time go???  I love it so much here!!! I am so grateful for this time that I have to be on a mission and to be serving and learning so much!

4. We just found out today that we are going to be a Facebook mission and get Ipads in December so that we can teach lessons on Skype! HIS WORK IS HASTENING!!!  This is such a privledge and a neat experience!

5. Everyday my appreciation for my Savior grows!!!  He has done so much for all of us, and his love is perfect!!!  As we were looking at the Christus statue at the visitor's center, the sister asked us to just listen to Christ's words and really pay attention to our feelings.  When I started to listen, I could feel my Savior's love for me! It was overwhelming! And since he has that much love for me, he has it for every single one of us! Oh, I just want everyone to know that !! And I pray and hope that I never forget!   I know that this work is the Savior's work and that we can all help to bring it about!

Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers!

Sister Udall

Oh, and don't send anything this week. It's transfers and I might be leaving...who knows where I will be!?

Monday, November 4, 2013


Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week!!! My week was full of pretty fall leaves all sorts of colors, a bit of a cold, and always miracles :)

I would say the greatest miracle of all is the power that Christ has to heal us!!! Whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional, I know that he can help heal our troubled and worn down souls.  I know that because I have felt that healing power in my life this week!!!

I would be lying if I said that this week was a breeze.  It was filled with lots of emotions and stressful moments, but so much peace as well! And  of course, miracles!!!! 

So for the past week I have just felt really off and stressed out, but I couldn't put my finger on what.  I just brushed it off and kept working.  Well then we had interviews with President Riggs and I just started to cry.  He's so great just to listen to me say that I don't know why I'm crying but I am. And just expalin how exhausted and tired I have been lately.  Well he offered some great counsel and advice...I will forever cherish it.  He also gave me a priesthood blessing.  The priesthood power is real and blesses our lives so much!!! It did mine this week (and does every single day!).  At the beginning of the blessing he stated that the scriptures tell us to "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalms 46:10). Oh what comfort that brings to my soul! Heavenly Father is in control.  He knows me and trusts in me! I don't need to be so worried all the time :)  What a blessing the scriptures are!  And I am grateful for trials and times like this when we learn. Oh man, I definitely learned a lot :)

But for some really really happy news...Jason wants to get baptized!!! :)  It was such a tender lesson that we had with him his daughter.  We sat on a blanket on his front porch and taught the Great Apostasy.  It was so apparent to all of us just how special the priesthood is and how much it blesses our families!  And you know what? That lesson happened right after my interview with President and my new resolve to just start trusting in the Lord and not worrying about what would happen at every moment of the day.  Miracles come, and they are so sweet! They come when we just turn our complete trust over to Heavenly Father and let him know that we are here to help him with HIS WORK!  I pary that I will continue how to work work WITH HIM. (Jacob 5:70-75...they are pretty great missionary scriptures)  I want to always work WITH HIM!

Halloween was fun! The Davis family (the members we live with) and the Hartts fed our entire zone dinner.  We then got to watch a movie. Oh, the rest and relaxation was needed :) Glenn's mom carves beautiful pumpkins! They are so cute! And when they are lit up it's so amazing!!!! 

I love you all and hope all is well!!! I know that Heavenly Father is always there for us and that his purpose is for us to be happy! This work is HIS WORK and it is all for us,,,so that we can return to him again! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior! I know that He is the reason that it is possible for us to return to our Heavenly Father again! I know that He is the "Prince of Peace" and that He will heal us as we come to Him! I know that He lives so that we can live again!

Sister Udall

Zone Conference, Oct. 31, 2013.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh What a Wonderful Week!!!!

So little time, so much to talk about.  The miracles are just everywhere!!!!!!!!  My "cup runneth over" as Brother Davis would say :) (He is the member that we live with!)

I will just start typing away and hopefully I get everything in this letter...here I go!!

We had a lesson on Tuesday with Jason and his little 4 year old girl Ella Grace.  This time we talked all about Jesus Christ.  We were planning on using lots of pictures to keep her attention.  And we wanted to talk about the Atonement.  So we went in there, and she LOVED the picture of Jesus Christ holding the little lamb. (It's the one we use on the restoration pamphlet..one of my favorites too!)  And when we told her it was Jesus Christ her eyes got really big.  As we showed her all of the pictures she just kept going back to the picture where Christ was holding the Lamb.  I just loved seeing her face fixed on Christ.  The spirit was so strong during that entire lesson! I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the sweet spirit of peace and hope that he brings into every single one of our lives.  When we asked the dad if he wanted to get baptized, he said yes, not just a "down the road" sometime! It was such a neat moment!! I love being a missionary! And then on Sunday, we walk into the chapel and I start talking to some lady that I have never seen before.  Then all the sudden (I don't know what got me to turn around) but I see the dad sitting there in his suit and tie all ready for church! We hadn't even planned on him coming! The surprise showed in my face.  He said, don't be that surprised to see me here! Well I was, and I am so grateful that he came! I got all excited and told him that, "You will LOVE today, it's the Primary Program!" Well he looked at me funny and said, what is that supposed to mean. Whoops! Hadn't told him about that...but I briefly explained and he said "OK".  The Primary Program was seriously the most spiritual Sacrament meeting I have been to in a while.  The spirit was SO STRONG and the testimonies were so simple, yet so powerful.  Every time one of those sweet children went up and bore their testimony I knew that what they were saying was true! And I knew that they knew it was true as well! They sounded like angels during all the primary songs, and primary songs are my favorite!! And oh, I just felt so blessed to be sitting there soaking up the Spirit!!!!  Little children are so close to the Spirit!  And after the meeting I turned to our investigator and said, "Did you like it?" He said yes and kind of brushed it off. (He is a pretty reserved guy though.) Then I asked, "What made you come to church today?" He said, well if I am going to get anything out of you coming, I figured I better put in my part."  That pretty much brought me to tears.  He really does want to learn, and he does want to have the blessings of the gospel in his life!!! And I know that Heavenly Father really wanted him here on the Primary Program Sunday, even if the sisters weren't pestering him about it this week. haha  He is so mindful of all of us!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sister Rachel Udall with Angela at Trunk or Treat!
And then we started teaching someone that I taught a lesson to on the first day out here on my mission!  Linda!  She is a mom and has two daughters.  One of them, Angela is 8 years old and super cute!  They came to the trunk-or-treat and loved it!  They were one of the last ones out of the building because the members were all talking to them!  We got to go and trunk-or-treat with the little girl for a little bit because her mom was chatting away with the Primary President :)  It was so wonderful to just see others reach out and make these wonderful people feel loved!!! They were going to come to the Primary Program, but that morning she sprained her ankle and they couldn't come.  Bummer, but we did see her last night.  We knocked on the door just to drop by and see if there was anything we could do, and she let us in.  She said that when she heard the knock she thought, "I hope that is the Mormon girls at the door" :)  She is so sweet! I love her soooo much!!!!
We also had a Halloween themed dinner with some members and JC and Glenn on Thursday.  It was so fun! There was a menu with lots of fun names for the items...we had spaghetti and meatballs (worms and eyeballs), a salad that looked like a clown (something to make you laugh or cry), breadsticks (which they called snakes) and "witches brew" or limeade with dry ice for added effects.  It was so fun to be with everyone and enjoy dinner!!!  I wish I had gotten a picture!!! Sorry!

We also taught a lesson to two guys on Friday night from Egypt.  I am coming to love Egypt and Arabic.  I want to learn it someday.  It is such a pretty language!  But we were planning to teach a lesson to the Egyptian family that we have taught before.  Well, they both weren't home but this other guy was.  It was clear that he didn't speak a lot of English.  We tried to teach him using pictures, but it didn't work out so well.  Then he gets on the phone and calls up his friend so that he can translate what we were saying.  He hands me the phone to talk to this man...long story short.  He came over and we ended up teaching him as well.  His name is Peter and he is so prepared!!!! He had to teach the entire Restoration lesson because he was translating.  Every once and a while his friend would get off topic, and Peter would say, "Let's get back to the lesson." It was so neat to see how he really wanted to listen and learn more!  We got to read from the Bible with them...in Arabic.  It is so cool to use the scriptures.  They are true and such a powerful tool in teaching others...including myself!
Some sad news, we are no longer teaching Degi from Mongolia :( He said that he couldn't believe it.  He wanted to give us all of the pamphlets back, but we made him at least keep the Mongolian Book of Mormon as a gift. We will miss him so much!!!

We had to get an oil change this week...that was an adventure! But it was really cool.  As we were in the waiting room we were trying to study scriptures.  It was rather difficult because the tv was blasting.  One of the employees came over and asked us if we would like it muted.  That was so considerate of him, and we got to share with him about how we don't watch tv, etc.  It was a neat missionary experience.  And then there was another man that was walking by and we smiled and said hello.  He then looked at us and said, "The world would be a better place if everyone was as nice as you two."  That made our day! And then when he came by I jumped on the opportunity and gave him a pass along card and said, "This is why we are so happy! We know that you will feel something as you go on the website!"  I couldn't resist! I hope he does!!!!

So Presdient Riggs shared something with us sisters (at the Sister's Conference this past Friday) that is starting to change my attitude and it makes me feel more hopeful...it should do the same for everyone! In 2 Nephi 25:23 it talks about being saved by grace "after all we can do".  Sounds daunting, right? ALL we can do.  That is a lot, and I feel that I can always do more. Well, Elder Christofferson talked about how the word "after" really means "beyond or above". So when your read it like this, "it is by grace we are saved beyond/above all we can do".  We are never going to put in a certain amount of effort that saves us, but Christ saves us during our difficulties and strengths.  Grace comes in when we are trying our best, but it might not be our "all".  I mean everyday I think I could have done more on this, or that, or this... But after he said that I thought, well maybe at that moment that was all I could give, and during the lesson the Spirit testified to them that it was true even though it wasn't perfect.  I mean, as long as I am keeping the commandments and doing all that I can then it's ok!  Grace is applied along the way during the hard times! Hope that makes sense!! I know that Christ is so anxious to help us and let us use his strength and mercy.  We just need to have faith, humility, and diligence!  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that he is here for all of us!!!! HE LOVES US ALL!

I think my arms are about to fall off I wrote so fast, but I wanted to get it all in there! This week was wonderful! It was full of lots of ups and downs, but it was wonderful!!! I hope everyone has a great Halloween!! You are all in my prayers!

Love you all!!
Sister Udall
Sister Udall Visiting with friends at a Senior Citizen's home.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Talk to Everyone!!! Share Your Testimony!!!


I hope everyone is having a fantastic day (and had a wonderful week)!!!
This week I had some really neat experiences where I felt that the work I have been doing has been helping people out, even if I don't see the results right away. I am so grateful for the Spirit! It is such a privilege to have it with us and to let it guide our service.  And mine especially!!! I have really seen the difference that it makes when I am constantly striving to seek and follow the spirit. And Sister Phelps has been a wonderful example of always striving to follow the Spirit!! I am so grateful I have the opportunity to serve with her!! There have been so many instances this week where I know that the promptings of the Spirit have led us to stay away from danger, told us where to go, and what to say.  One little story: On Saturday I needed to get some pamphlets out of our trunk.  As I did so, I had this thought to grab the one Spanish pamphlet that we had in our trunk just in case (and we were in a pretty wealthy, affluent neighborhood).  I questioned, and closed the trunk.  As soon as I did I instantly regretted not following the simple thought, so I had Sister Phelps open up the trunk for me again.  Well, we went on with our afternoon. And for the next hour and a half I kept it with me.  We had gone to a different neighborhood really close by to check on a potential and there were a few ladies putting their cleaning supplies into the back of the van. (It looked like they had a cleaning service.)  I went up and started talking to her.  I used the little Spanish I could to talk to her.  We gave her a card and then we were about to walk away...then the Spirit reminded me about the pamphlet that I had been carrying in my hand for the last hour and a half!  So I quickly opened my mouth and asked if she would read the pamphlet.  She smiled and said, "Yes I would love to!"  She was really excited and promised us time and time again that she would read it.  Such simple and small promptings, and nothing "spectacular" as in a lesson came out of it, but I just know that she needed to read that pamphlet!!!  Heavenly Father really does work in small and mysterious ways! 
Another fun, little story.  It was pretty late Saturday night and we were trying to find this one address in an apartment complex.  Well, there was a lady leaning over her little balcony (which was on the first floor). I asked her where this address would be, and then we got started talking.  Her little daughter came outside and was so cute!  We found out that it was her birthday the day before.  I got super excited and then out of my mouth came, "Can we sing happy birthday to you?!"  And then we did!!  It was a fun, spontaneous moment! And the little girl was so happy!  We invited them to church, and the little girl really wanted to go!  She kept calling us her friends.  Oh, it was such a sweet little moment!!
We had so many other little miracles, and now that I think about it, a lot of them happened because I had made up my mind to TALK TO EVERYONE!! 
I am just overcome with so much joy and gratitude for this opportunity that I have to be a missionary right now!!! This transfer I am really coming to LOVE the scriptures!!!!  Every morning during personal study I love reading the scriptures.  I am amazed by what a wonderful and powerful gift they are to us!!!  My testimony has grown from the testimonies of all the wonderful prophets bearing their testimonies!!!
We are teaching a new family!! They are from Egypt, and don't know a lot of English, but the scriptures and pictures are amazing!! Sister Jeppsen and Sister Woodbury found them and passed them to us.  Sister Jeppsen is such a wonderful example of teaching simply and really using the scriptures to help others understand.  I am so grateful for her example.  I have learned so much from her already!!  I know that teaching this family will be a really good opportunity for me to learn how to teach simply.  I really need the help, and I am grateful for this opportunity Heavenly Father has given me to learn and to grow! 

We also got to teach an impromptu Sunday School lesson yesterday!!  We taught about prayer, and oh my, that inspired me to really make my prayers more sincere and meaningful.  I am so grateful that we all have the wonderful gift of talking directly with our Heavenly Father!! We can each access that Heavenly Power!!! I know that Heavenly Father is anxious for us to talk to him, and he is anxious to bless us! I know that he knows what is best for each and every one of us! I know that he loves us all so so much!!! I just pray and hope that I never forget that!!
Sister Udall

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making People's Eyes Sparkle!!

Hello family!!

I know this is super short, but just wanted to let you know that I am alive and all is well :)  Hope you all had a wonderful Colombus day!! So this week was great!!!!!  One of the highlights was that it rained 6 inches plus a little bit in rain in one day!! And it rained for 3 days.  One night both roads that we usually take were flodded, so we had to take the toll road home. Adventure!  And I am so grateful Brother Davis was able to coach us through how to get home.  It is getting darker earlier, and they don't have lamp posts like they do in the West, so it gets DARK.  And we were blessed to just go from appointment to appointment on the days that it was raining!!! 

This week is literally a blur in my mind right now, so sorry this letter won't have great details...
But something really cool that I learned this week:  As leaders, our goal is to make people's eyes sparkle!!! So my goal from now on is to make everyone's eyes sparkle! To help them really understand the potential that's in them! And I also learned how crucial positive thinking is.  If we have the mindset that everyone WILL love the gospel and that this is the best thing ever, then we will get everyone to believe it.  You just have to have confidence in it and be EXCITED!!!!! 
There is one girl that we met on the street two weeks ago walking her dog. We gave her a card for mormon.org...then she said, "Hope to see you around again sometime"!  Then the next week we saw her.  She said, "You are the really happy and excited girls".  haha Yes we are!!  And then we gave her a Book of Mormon!! Excitement and enthusiasm goes a long way!! :) This is a joyful gospel and a joyful message!!!
I hope all is well for everyone back home!!! I am so grateful for this gospel!! I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  I know that Thomas S Monson is the prophet on the earth today!  I know that through our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ we experience true joy and happiness here in this life!
Sister Udall

This picture is of Brother Sparks, Sister Phelps, and Sister Udall(:

Monday, September 23, 2013


Hello family!!!

So we are running all over the place today...I get to get a hair cut/trim! :) So part of my letter will just be what I sent President Riggs. It sums up most of my week pretty well! 

So my email from President this week was short, he's a busy guy, but exactly what I needed to hear.  He said, "Thanks for sharing the miracles with me. I hear great things about you and hope you are not being too hard on yourself. There will ALWAYS be room for improvement, so just improve and relax. Love you!"  Well I laughed and smiled when I read his response.  He knows me too well!!  Heavenly truly inspires our leaders!! They are able to receive revelation for each of us!! That is truly a blessing. 
So this is what I said back (in the quotes)..."Thanks for your encouragement.  You know me tooo well!!!  One thing I think I will continually have to work on during my mission is not being too hard on myself.  RELAX is the key word.  Yesterday evening, I was not relaxed at all and I saw that it totally blocked the spirit from guiding us.  The evening was not as productive as we had hoped because I was just "confused" as to where to go.  So this week I am going to work on relaxing, putting trust and faith in God and the Spirit to guide us and lead us where we need to be.  Following the Spirit is something that I have been thinking about this past week and I realize that I am making it way too complicated!  Heavenly Father does not work in complicated ways, he works in simple and small ways!  I am so grateful it does work like that, but now I need to put my over-analyzing and over-complicating to the side and let the Lord take over!!" 

This week I also got to go on an exchange with one of the Sister Trainer Leaders, Sister Woodbury!! She's amazing.  (Oh, and really important, we have matching toothbrushes and journals...that's the picture of the week!!)

"The exchange with Sister Woodbury this week was FANTASTIC! We talked all about following the spirit, trusting in the plans, and then going out and working them!   We put that to action that day and found a new investigator!  We set a return appointment, and taught a lesson to him the next morning and he is so AMAZING!! He has such a strong desire to come closer to God and he is not working and has a lot of time!!  Truly prepared and ready.  We walked into his home and I noticed there were two Books of Mormon sitting on his table--one in English and one in Mandarin Chinese (we had not given either to him)! We sat down and he said, "Let me tell you a little bit about myself and then you can tell me about you."  How is that for the start of a lesson.  He did the How to Begin Teaching (that's a term in Preach my Gospel) part of the lesson himself!!  We didn't even have to initiate it!  We also found two really solid Spanish referrals.  One of the Spanish referrals we received was for Elder Kirkham and Elder Sheffield.  They told us that they went to the address we had given them.  The man we had talked to was not there, but they met another lady who is also prepared.  They had a really  powerful lesson with her!!  It is such a miracle that the address got mixed up somehow...Heavenly Father is truly watching over all of His children!!!!  I learned so much from Sister Woodbury--especially just relax and trust in the Lord.  I also learned that planning the little things is what really matters." 

This week the scripture Proverbs 3:5-6 kept running through my mind.  Just TRUST!!!!  And have FAITH!! I also read a lot of the talks from the August Ensign.  They are sooo good!! If you haven't read them you should :)

We were truly blessed this week!  We taught 4 lessons! I'm pretty sure that's the all time high so far :)   And we had an investigator stay for all 3 hours of church! He's great.  When we asked him how he liked it, his face just lit up!!!!  He said he hadn't been to a church in years and really liked it!  The poor guy did fall asleep during sacrament meeting a little bit (our Sacrament meeting starts at 8:30am), but I don't blame him.

I am so grateful for all of the experiences that I have every day!!  Every morning I thank Heavenly Father for this new day, whatever it brings I know that it will be wonderful!!!  It is truly a blessing to be a missionary.  I feel like I am getting more blessings than I deserve sometimes, but I'll take it! 

Some fun facts from the week...Friday night we were tracting and it was pouring! Our ward mission leader said it rained 1 1/4 inches that night!  I got to hold a Mexican jumping bean in my hand last night.  That brought back fun memories.  We also got locked outside of our house for 30 minutes, but found a spare key in the garage :)  And Sister Phelps and Sister Goates (while on an exchange got locked inside of their apartment).  We got to rescue them :)  Oh and we stayed at another members home for some time and had to do our planning on a mattress...life is never dull and is full of adventures! :)

So bottom line, I  am so grateful that Heavenly Father is in charge and for the reminder to RELAX!! Sister Phelps shared with me John 16:33: "These things I have spoken unto you,that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."  I LOVE THAT!!! I know that Heavenly Father loves us all so much and wants us to remember, especially Sister Udall, to relax and enjoy what he has given us!!!

I am praying for everyone back at home!!! I love you all so much and am so grateful that we are all so blessed with this gospel!! I know that as we put our Faith in Christ and do what he asks us, everything will work out for our good!!
Love you all LOTS!!!  

Sister Udall