Monday, June 2, 2014

Goats, a baptism, and sunshine!!

April 28, 2014

It has been really warm lately!  I think I am staring to
least on my arms.
This week was fantastic!  It went by so fast!
We had some unique experiences this week.  We also had a lot of
service opportunities.
So on Wednesday I felt that we needed to text a sister in the ward and ask her if she needed any help. She is pregnant and almost ready to deliver her baby. She actually did end some help! So we helped her bring her groceries into her house. I was so grateful I followed through with that thought and we helped her!
We also helped the ward out with a service project. It was out in the woods, in Clifton, VA.  We were clearing a pile of wood away from the goat's pen.  Yes...this member has goats! I got a picture with them! It was really fun to do some service.
I also got to go to a baptism back in Great Falls!  It was so neat to see Eireanne get baptized. She was so excited. When I went to give her a hug and take a picture with her she said, "This is my special day!" She is so right! It was her special day!
We also had ward conference this Sunday.  It was such a great Sunday! Something I learned was that we should have faith in Christ, not in the outcome. So instead of thinking...every person I talk to is going to say "yes, I want to learn more!" (Which would be so great!). We need to have faith that whoever we talk to will bring blessing to them in the future or will bless us somehow. We don't know what the outcome will be, but even things with a ad outcome are for our benefit, I hope that made sense.  Also, I love the quote..."When you save a girl, you save generations."  That touched my heart so much!  So remember that
the little things that we do to bless others will make a huge impact in the long run!  God is hastening his work by brining more small and simple acts happen every day. We can be the ones to make those small and simple things happen!  Just have faith that the small things matter!

I love you all!!
Sister Udall

Sister Udall petting a goats at the service project.                 

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