Monday, June 2, 2014

Barbies, Mother's Day, 90 degrees?!, and more!!!

May 12, 2014

Oh my, it's only the middle of May and it got up to 90 degrees and was really humid. The next day it was raining. It's Virginia in the summertime all over AGAIN!!
This week was quite interesting. I don't really know what happened...but it was great!! I'm sure I will remember as I type.

We had a lot of great appointments lined up, but most of them fell through. But such is life. When that happens, it means there is something else that God wants us to do. 
First off, we are now in a zone (which means a group of missionaries) where we are the ONLY sisters!! Oh my! We walked into the room and we felt like outcasts almost. 20 Elders and then there's us!! People keep asking us if we are excited to be the only sisters. All I can say to that is...we are here to represent!! haha
And I know that Sister Anderson is here to change my life!! She is wonderful!! I am learning a lot from her. One of the most important things I've learned so far is that we shouldn't be afraid to change. We shouldn't be afraid to ask how we can improve. We shouldn't be afraid to give suggestions on how others can change. (As a missionary you think I'd have that last one down, because I'm inviting others to change every day. But I still am timid about it at times.) And I am going to conquer my fears!! She is so sweet and asked me to change by asking me to tell her what she can improve on.  She just said it in a way that made it click as to why it is so important to love change.  I wasn't called to serve a mission so I could come back and be the same person. Neither was anyone else. So we all need to help each other out and help them change too!!
There is a video that I love so much! It talks about why change and constructive criticism is needed, especially from God. My favorite line from it is, "Thank you for loving me enough to cut me down." 
Here is the link to the's totally worth watching!!!
It's called "The Will of God"
And here is the talk that goes along with it!
We also had a lesson this week with a member and her daughter.  We used her Barbies  and her house to teach covenants. We taught them that covenants are like a contract.  We acted out the Barbies making a contract, and then what happens when we don't keep the contract, etc.  I don't exactly know how to explain it, but it was hilarious!! Sister missionaries playing with Barbies trying to keep a little girl interested enough to pay attention. :)  We have to get creative sometimes!!
And of course, Mother's Day was wonderful!! We got to visit with Maryrose.  She hadn't had any visitors all day!! I'm glad we had an appointment cancel so that we could go and see her!! :)  It all works out in the end!!
I hope everyone had a great week! And remember, when the week doesn't go as planned, it's because God has a greater plan for us!!
Sister Udall

Sister Udall and Sister Anderson teaching about
covenants Barbie edition.

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