Monday, June 23, 2014

Random missionary experiences and my birthday wish!!

June 23, 2014

This week was a good one! We had a lot of opportunities come up that were different than the usual. I'll just share a few because we don't have that much time. 
So our goal for the transfer (or six weeks Sister Osmond and I are together) is to talk to 10 unplanned people a day.  I don't like keeping track of how many I have talked to, so this was going to be a challenge. But I came up with a way!! I decided to buy rubber bands and take one off every time I talk to someone. I was pretty proud of myself :) haha
The brilliant rubber band idea.
Anyways, we talked to this random man who then told us to walk into his home and talk to everyone inside. I felt so weird just walking in unannounced, so he announced us. Literally. It was really funny. One of the men that we were talking to was so excited that there was a Sister Udall and a Sister Osmond (he noticed the names!) sitting in his home.  It was really funny. He took a picture of us. And when someone called him he said, "You will never guess who is in my house." haha it was really funny. This same man told his friend that he should be a Mormon. Well, we ended up giving that man a Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet. He lives in another state, but the missionaries will find him!!
I also talked to this man at the gas station while my gas pump wasn't working. I know it was malfunctioning because I was supposed to talk to him! He was really impressed that we said we had a modern day prophet on the earth. I gave him a card with our number on it. He said that he wasn't in the Centreville area, but that he wanted to learn more! I told him that there are missionaries where he is too!! I know that he is going to refer himself! I've always wanted to share the gospel like that at the gas station!!
We also taught a lesson to someone at a graduation party (it was for one of the members and investigators in the ward!) Yeah, lots of really neat experiences that happened in places or in ways that I never would have ever dreamed of!! 
Moments to share the gospel come up in all sorts of situations! We just have to be looking for them and sharing our testimony with everyone!!
Okay, so my birthday is tomorrow...usually I don't like telling anyone because I don't like attention on myself. But, I thought of a great way that you could wish me a Happy Birthday. Are you ready for it!? Pray for a missionary opportunity and share the gospel with someone!! :) 
That is really what will make tomorrow the best day ever!!!  (And if it doesn't happen tomorrow...late birthday wishes are great as well!!) 
Funny story. Last night, we had a member that wanted to make me a cake. I then realized that we were also teaching a Book of Mormon class Tuesday night and told her to come to that. She said, "It's either the cake or the Book of Mormon class." I chose the Book of Mormon class!! :) Really that is what will make me the happiest tomorrow...sharing the gospel with others!! (And I know it will bring a lot of joy to our Heavenly Father!!)
I love you all!!
Sister Udall

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Transfer Ahead!! Watch out for miracles!

June 16, 2014
So this week has been an amazing one. I just want to reaffirm that God answers our prayers! I tried out something new before transfers: I prayed for certain qualities in my next companion (things that would help me and this area to grow and improve--I was really sad that Sister Anderson was leaving)....and guess what!? She has all of them! It never ceases to amaze me just how much God knows each of us. He knows exactly who he needs to send to each area.
So my new companion is Sister Osmond! She is amazing! She is a happy person and focused on being a missionary. We are similar in a lot of ways, and I love it! And I will miss Sister Anderson so much!  Everyone in Centreville was sad to see her go!
This transfer we have set some really high goals. One goal is that we are each going to individually talk to 10 people a day (outside of planned activities). That can be easily done, of we talk to everyone that we see! I'm getting back in the habit if talking to everyone and I LOVE it!  I don't know what it is about talking to everyone, but I love finding out about others' life stories and how the gospel can apply to them! And really, it applies to everyone! Here are a few of the situations that we came across this weekend...
There was a mom and her cute little boy that we said hello to. It just "happened"(there are no such thing as coincidences, only God's intervention) that her mother in law is Mormon, and that turning to Jesus Christ and the Bible has helped her make a complete turnaround I her marriage. She said that they had filed for divorce, but now they are working through things. She said that it hasn't been an easy ride, but that it has been worth it! She talked to us for 20 minutes about it. It was an amazing conversation!
We also talked to a man that has been going to AA for ten years now and told us that he knows God is a loving and a forgiving God. If not, he wouldn't have ever quit drinking.
We talked to another man that has met with missionaries before, but they stopped coming by. He wants to quit smoking, and we told him that we would help him!!
We also talked to a girl that just found a place for her family to live and she knew that God was watching out for her! We also talked to a family that moved from Texas (this was with Sister Anderson) and they had just moved into the area and are still looking for a church. They have a son that has special needs, and because of the experience that I had the other week, I was able to tell her about that and how I knew God was watching out for their family in a very special way. By the end of our conversation, they had accepted a Book if Mormon and a Family Proclamation to the World!
Wonderful things happened! And more wonderful things to come!

I love you all!!

Sister Udall
Sister Udall with her new companion Sister Osmond.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Prayer, Charity, and a trip to Leesburg!

June 10, 2014

So this week I had the great opportunity to go to Leesburg on an exchange with Sister Billman.  This is the third time that we have gone on an exchange together. She is great! She told me that it was so fun this was our third exchange together--she has seen me grow in confidence over the past 6 months or so.  That was really sweet of her to say. But that made me think about how much we do grow, it's just little by little, so we don't notice it right away.  I'm grateful that others are there to tell us how much we've improved if we don't recognize it. haha But Leesburg is beautiful! I love all of the trees there!! I thought other parts of Virginia were green, but there are trees everywhere. Here is a picture just to get an idea. I was in the car so it's not a super good one. It is really country and I loved the change from more Suburbia city kind of a feel that is in Centreville. 
The gorgeous greenery of Leesburg.
We had a really neat experience on my exchange. We got to eat dinner with a family that has a son that has down syndrome.  I just noticed how much love was in that family's home!!! It was a tender mercy that I got that time to learn from their family, because I had been praying for more charity.  So my prayer was answered!!!! I have more details on my other blog, so you should check it out if you haven't already:
And this week I've been really trying to improve my personal prayers, and prayers in general. Prayer is such a powerful tool that we've all been given. We just need to learn how to use it!! And it was really neat that I wanted to work on that this week. One of our investigators says that he prays every night, but we realized that he wasn't talking to God, he was talking to his dead cat.  That made a lot of sense as to why he wasn't getting an answer.  He needs to pray to Heavenly Father and ask him about all of his questions.  It was really neat that I invited him to pray and start talking to Heavenly Father around the same time that I had wanted to improve my own personal prayers!  I know that for me I have had more of a desire to pray as I have been praying more sincerely. So if there is ever a moment where you don't feel like praying, or you feel like it's not working, that's when you need to pray the most!! Prayer will become something that is special because it is a way to personally communicate with God. He is listening, I know it! And he is the best listener!!
Something that I learned this week is that the "small and simple things" really benefit us most in the long run. We may not see the progress right away, but the progress is happening. It's just progress...little by little.  So I'm learning to always trust in the small things that God asks us to do, like to love others, and to pray always. There are so many others things that he has asked us to do, but those are two things I've really learned from this week.
I wish I had more stories, but they're not coming to my mind right now!!
I hope everyone is doing well!! I love you all!!!

Sister Udall

Monday, June 2, 2014

Flowers, Pund Cake, and MIRACLES!!!!

June 2, 2014

This week was an interesting one, but there were so many miracles that came along with it. We packed so much in this week that it actually seemed like a long week now that I'm looking back at it. But it also flew by.
Monday night we got a call from the member in our ward that did the Garden party. He dropped by 6 loaves of pound cake and an entire container of cookies!! We were so overwhelmed, we had too many sweets in our apartment!! But we decided that we were going to give them all away to people! It worked miracles.

I won't have time to tell you all of the miracles that came from it, but hopefully I can share a few.
We had gotten a call from someone that we had helped out a lot the past two weeks. She told us how much she appreciated all that we did for her. She also asked us to thank the ward members that helped out. So we delivered a lot of pound cake to the members ;)  We had so many members that thought it was the nicest thing!! Something that small and simple goes a long way!
We also delivered some to this lady's friend, who is not a member. She let her stay in her home while she was homeless. (I can't remember if I've  mentioned the whole story, but this lady was going through a spousal separation and didn't have a place to live. Really rough.)  The friend is the nicest!! We went and took pound cake to her, and she said that pound cake is her family's FAVORITE!! She was very honest about that. Only Heavenly Father could have known that little detail and inspired one of our members to drop off an abundance of pound cake at our house.  She was so grateful for it, and she said that she would want to learn more about the church! :) 
We also talked to a lady named Rosa. She was outside talking to us on her front porch for a really long time. At the end of our conversation, she had given us some flowers that she bought at Walmart that day. It was a simple gift that touched me so much!!
And we also had the neatest lesson this week!! Let me give you a little bit of background before I jump into it!!
Last week we had a young women in our ward come up to us and tell us that her friend had asked her if she could meet with the missionaries. The church had come up in conversation because she had been talking about her brother who is serving a mission right now. The friend said something like, "Can I meet with the missionaries? Can that be arranged?"  The friend said, "Yes! Of Course!" 
So then a week later, we are in this young women's home teaching her friend! It was the first time we had met her. She was so happy to meet with us. When we asked what she expected, she said, "I just want to learn more about your church.  I don't know much about it."

We were really excited to hear that, so we taught her all about the Restoration and about how Christ's Church was restored!! She was really excited when we got to the part about the first vision and the restoration of the priesthood. It was so neat to see the Spirit teach her that it was true!!!!! At the end she said that she wanted to learn more and wanted to come to church! She said that she would be baptized!

It was a really neat experience. What I learned from that lesson was that teaching the doctrine plainly and simply gives room for the Spirit to testify that it is true!! :) Don't be afraid what we hold near and dear to us with others. If they are prepared and ready, the Spirit will teach them. 

Then in Sacrament meeting the next Sunday, the member bore her testimony about how scared she was at first, but she learned that God knows her friends better than she does!! It was a really neat experience!!!!

I'm so grateful to be a missionary!! Through all of the ups and downs, there is that constant of the gospel.  It brings so much peace to teach and testify of it every day.
Love you ALL!!
Sister Udall

Flowers given to Sister Udall
and her companion.

Garden Party and a CRAZY week!!

May 26, 2014

We went to a garden party for Memorial day!! The member's backyard is so beautiful!! It was like heaven on earth :) 
This week was a crazy one! But it was worth it!!
We had some people drop us. It was a really sad week. We joked that we ate a lot of ice cream this week.  haha I can honestly say that the scriptures got me through the week. Christ's words in the scriptures are powerful. I love looking for the promised blessings that are ours when we keep his commandments!!
There was a lot of good that happened.  We have some members that have friends that we are going to meet!! :)
We taught a man through his kitchen window this week!! It was a very odd lesson, but he let us come back!
At the garden party we played volleyball with some of the ward members. It was really fun!!  We ended up playing in skirts.   I was very proud that I didn't get any grass stains on my white skirt :) I love the ward I'm serving in. There are so many members that are willing to help us out!!
I love you all!!
Sister Udall


May 19, 2014

Hello everyone!!!

So this week I have learned so much. I feel like I have stuffed two-weeks worth of experiences and stories into one week. And I have a lot of stories that I want to share. So here it goes!!!
Monday one of our investigators said that she wanted to be baptized!!!!!! We went over to her house and gave her some flowers for Mother's Day because her two daughters were on vacation. We started talking about how her life has changed since meeting with the missionaries. She said that she feels so much peace after we leave and when we are there. We got to testify that was the Spirit. She also shared a neat experience with us about her prayers being answered. She said that this is the closest she has ever been to God before. When we invited her to be baptized, she wasn't sure. Then she proceeded to talk herself into it for 10 minutes! It was great! haha She is really excited to be baptized. 
On Tuesday we had an appointment with someone, but they had forgotten about it.  She was running out the door as we were walking up.  So we talked to her for a few minutes and then we rescheduled. Then I noticed her neighbor standing on her porch.  I felt that she was just waiting for us to come and talk to her! So I told Sister Anderson that we needed to go and talk to her, and we did!! I'm so glad that I followed that prompting to go talk to her. This lady has been going through a really hard time.  She has been changing her life around and is lonely because she doesn't have anyone to turn to. All of her old friends are still making the wrong decisions. So we were there to talk to her. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and she shared the neatest experience with us!!  She said that years ago she had a Book of Mormon in her closet. She didn't know how it had gotten there, so she was scared of the book. She didn't know what it was. She prayed and asked God to know what it was and if it was good. She said that she had a dream that said it was separate from the Bible and was a story of a different people. After that dream, she wasn't as scared.  OUR JAWS DROPPED!! We told her that she was right about that.  She really liked what we taught her about the Book of Mormon. She said she wants to come to church with us because she is looking for a new church.  It was a wonderful miracle!!
Later that day, we went to a Relief Society activity.  The name of the activity was, "He Knows My Name".  It was a really neat activity. We all shared our testimony and experiences about how Christ knows us personally.  I was able to reflect on so many moments on my mission, and in my life where I have seen evidences of that. He know us! He knows our families, friends, communities, etc.  I loved that activity so much.  It was much needed :)
We did a lot of service this week.  We cleaned someone's kitchen because she is pregnant and about to pop!  We also helped a couple pack up some of their stuff because they are moving soon. They fed us lunch afterwards and they gave us a HUGE plate of spaghetti.  It was GIGANTIC!! Somehow I ate it all. That was a miracle.
Saturday was an eventful day!! We went to Kensington, Maryland and heard Elder Ballard address 760 missionaries from the Washington DC South Mission, Washington DC North Mission, and Baltimore, Maryland Mission.  It was amazing to hear an apostle of the Lord speak directly to us.  I learned so much!
I learned one HUGE lesson at the conference: TALK TO EVERYONE!!! I already love to do that, and feel really guilty if we don't talk to everyone, but I understand why it is so important.  I love how Elder Ballard said that it doesn't matter if they aren't in "your area", God put you there, so you need to talk to them.(He is very matter-of-fact about things.)
While at the conference, Hermana Ward told me about an investigator that is getting baptized May 31st because I talked to him!! It is a really neat miracle, so I thought I'd share it.
On one of the snow days in February, Sister Taylor and I decided to walk 1.5 miles down Route 1 to our appointment.  We couldn't find anyone to drive us, so we went for it and walked!! It was cold and a pretty miserable walk. We were going to be late for the appointment, and I doubted if it was even worth it because I didn't know how we would get home in time after our lesson. But we felt strongly to go and see them, so we went. On the way to the appointment, we were offered a ride.  Surprisingly I said no, and we kept on walking. At first I remember thinking, why didn't we take the ride?  But God knew that we needed to talk to Ramon!! Since it was snowing, no one was outside. But there were two people shoveling some snow. I got really excited and decided to talk to them. They were Hispanic, so I used the little bit of Spanish that I knew.  Luckily he spoke some English too.  I found out that he had met with the Hermanas before! I got really excited because I had just spent a few days with the Hermanas before transfers. (And they had talked about a Ramon.  I got really excited because here I was meeting him!!)  He told me that he really wanted to come to church and have the Hermanas come over and teach him again.  He said that he had been really busy, but wanted them to come back.  We were really excited that we had met him. He told us that he was just about done with his work assignment and was leaving in a few minutes!! Then I knew that it was meant to be!!
The next day I told the Hermanas that they needed to go back and teach Ramon.  That was that. I didn't hear anything about him after that.
But on Saturday, Hermana Wad said that he was getting baptized on the 31st because we had stopped and talked to him!! God puts prepared people in our path. We just need to trust that they are prepared, even if they aren't someone that we will ever teach.  I want to bring an investigator to that baptism, even if it's in Spanish :)
I'm grateful that Hermana Ward told me that.  I feel so grateful to know that my efforts are bringing forth good things. But even if I don't ever know what happens, I know that I followed the Spirit.  That experience was such a testimony builder for me!!   God knows the names of the people that we teach. He knows us. He knows the talents, capabilities, and qualities of his fellow servants. 
I honestly could go all day talking about all that we did this week.  The bottom line is that I know that I can do more as a missionary. I know that I can be better. I know that the Lord needs me to be myself and go out there and share my testimony!! The Spirit that they feel will touch their heart.  I feel so blessed that I have this opportunity to work hard to be an instrument in God's hands. I want to continue to do that throughout my life. I'm so glad that it is a full time job right now. He is blessing me SO MUCH!!
Know that YOU will make a difference as you are wiling to serve God.  He knows you, and He will tell you what you need to do to bless others lives!!

I love each and every one of you!! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Udall

Barbies, Mother's Day, 90 degrees?!, and more!!!

May 12, 2014

Oh my, it's only the middle of May and it got up to 90 degrees and was really humid. The next day it was raining. It's Virginia in the summertime all over AGAIN!!
This week was quite interesting. I don't really know what happened...but it was great!! I'm sure I will remember as I type.

We had a lot of great appointments lined up, but most of them fell through. But such is life. When that happens, it means there is something else that God wants us to do. 
First off, we are now in a zone (which means a group of missionaries) where we are the ONLY sisters!! Oh my! We walked into the room and we felt like outcasts almost. 20 Elders and then there's us!! People keep asking us if we are excited to be the only sisters. All I can say to that is...we are here to represent!! haha
And I know that Sister Anderson is here to change my life!! She is wonderful!! I am learning a lot from her. One of the most important things I've learned so far is that we shouldn't be afraid to change. We shouldn't be afraid to ask how we can improve. We shouldn't be afraid to give suggestions on how others can change. (As a missionary you think I'd have that last one down, because I'm inviting others to change every day. But I still am timid about it at times.) And I am going to conquer my fears!! She is so sweet and asked me to change by asking me to tell her what she can improve on.  She just said it in a way that made it click as to why it is so important to love change.  I wasn't called to serve a mission so I could come back and be the same person. Neither was anyone else. So we all need to help each other out and help them change too!!
There is a video that I love so much! It talks about why change and constructive criticism is needed, especially from God. My favorite line from it is, "Thank you for loving me enough to cut me down." 
Here is the link to the's totally worth watching!!!
It's called "The Will of God"
And here is the talk that goes along with it!
We also had a lesson this week with a member and her daughter.  We used her Barbies  and her house to teach covenants. We taught them that covenants are like a contract.  We acted out the Barbies making a contract, and then what happens when we don't keep the contract, etc.  I don't exactly know how to explain it, but it was hilarious!! Sister missionaries playing with Barbies trying to keep a little girl interested enough to pay attention. :)  We have to get creative sometimes!!
And of course, Mother's Day was wonderful!! We got to visit with Maryrose.  She hadn't had any visitors all day!! I'm glad we had an appointment cancel so that we could go and see her!! :)  It all works out in the end!!
I hope everyone had a great week! And remember, when the week doesn't go as planned, it's because God has a greater plan for us!!
Sister Udall

Sister Udall and Sister Anderson teaching about
covenants Barbie edition.

Virginia Blue Bells

May 5, 2014

Today is short and sweet.

I ran out of time!! But here are pictures from the place we went last Monday! We saw the Virginia Blue Bells. They are gorgeous!! One of the sisters in the ward that we visit told us about them! And I'm so glad that we went when we did because on Wednesday we got HAMMERED with rain! Now the flowers are all washed away. ENJOY!!!!

I love you all!!
Sister Udall

Virginia Blue Bells
Sister Udall and Sister Anderson.

Goats, a baptism, and sunshine!!

April 28, 2014

It has been really warm lately!  I think I am staring to
least on my arms.
This week was fantastic!  It went by so fast!
We had some unique experiences this week.  We also had a lot of
service opportunities.
So on Wednesday I felt that we needed to text a sister in the ward and ask her if she needed any help. She is pregnant and almost ready to deliver her baby. She actually did end some help! So we helped her bring her groceries into her house. I was so grateful I followed through with that thought and we helped her!
We also helped the ward out with a service project. It was out in the woods, in Clifton, VA.  We were clearing a pile of wood away from the goat's pen.  Yes...this member has goats! I got a picture with them! It was really fun to do some service.
I also got to go to a baptism back in Great Falls!  It was so neat to see Eireanne get baptized. She was so excited. When I went to give her a hug and take a picture with her she said, "This is my special day!" She is so right! It was her special day!
We also had ward conference this Sunday.  It was such a great Sunday! Something I learned was that we should have faith in Christ, not in the outcome. So instead of thinking...every person I talk to is going to say "yes, I want to learn more!" (Which would be so great!). We need to have faith that whoever we talk to will bring blessing to them in the future or will bless us somehow. We don't know what the outcome will be, but even things with a ad outcome are for our benefit, I hope that made sense.  Also, I love the quote..."When you save a girl, you save generations."  That touched my heart so much!  So remember that
the little things that we do to bless others will make a huge impact in the long run!  God is hastening his work by brining more small and simple acts happen every day. We can be the ones to make those small and simple things happen!  Just have faith that the small things matter!

I love you all!!
Sister Udall

Sister Udall petting a goats at the service project.                 

Because of Him...we had a miraculous week!!

April 21, 2014

So this week was wonderful!!
We saw so many miracles!!
First of all, we found 7 new people to teach! I think that might be a PR (personal record) for me on my mission.  We didn't even realize it until yesterday, but it was fun to see that we had been blessed to meet so many people that wanted to learn more!  And one lesson that I learned this week is that when we put everything into God's hands and let go of the worry and stress of the burden or load that we carry, He will carry us! We will see miracles. I've truly seen that this week. So when times seem overwhelming, remember that we don't need to do it all alone.  Just stop worrying and pray for help and it will come!!!
Sister Udall and Sister Stott on exchanges.
And I know that God knows me and is looking out for me personally!  I was having a pretty rough time last Sunday and Monday. But Tuesday we went on exchanges. And what my sister trainer leader had to say really helped me put things back into perspective. Sister Stott is great!! :)  We got to exchange back at this really cool old house by a historic battle field from the Civil War.  We drove past some pretty countryside.  Sister Stott told me that they were considering doing our exchange later in the week, but she just felt that we needed to do it then!! And I know that God knew I needed it! I needed to be reminded that "ALL IS WELL" :) 
Our Easter day was probably one of the highlights for me!! We had such a wonderful Sacrament Meeting!!!  We had two members of the Quorum of the Seventy come to our meeting. Elder Perkins and Elder Hallstrom. They talked about how our Savior Jesus Christ is the center of our religion! He is the reason why we do everything we do!! And I just felt such a peace and joy in my heart knowing that.
I know that Christ is my Savior. I know that we will all live again because He lives today!  I know that I will see my family that has passed away again!! It is such good news to know this!!
So as in invitation from me, you all need to watch this video!! It is wonderful! It is titled "Because of Him".  I'm sure you have already seen it on Facebook before. But watch it again and just think about what you think of Jesus Christ. What does He mean to you?  It's just so wonderful! I have shared this video with so many people and it always touches my heart!! 
Go to this website and watch it!!
You won't regret it!!
I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!!
Sister Udall
Sister Udall with the traditional chocolate Easter egg.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


April 14, 2014

I love spring!!!
Life and color has been brought back to Virginia!! And I love that it comes right around Easter!!
All of the trees are either pink or white with pretty blossoms.  And the green is coming back too.  So some of the trees that are white look like popcorn like the primary song "popcorn popping"!!
We got to go to DC today and walk around the Tidal Basin and see the cherry blossoms.  It was so pretty!! I ran into some of my old companions. It was a fun day!! We walked around some of the memorials and I LOVED the quotes that were on the walls.  They were from the founding fathers of our nation and presidents and leaders of our country.  God truly inspired these men.  I know it!!  They spoke of light and truth! 
Here are some of my favorites:
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." -President Franklin Roosevelt
"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.  Let us move forward with strong and active faith." -President Franklin Roosevelt
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."  -Martin Luther King
And I also had the thought as I was walking around that God gave us this beautiful nature for us!! I was overcome with His love for us.  I had studied the scripture 1 Nephi 17:36 yesterday, so it went along perfectly with how I was feeling! 
1 Nephi 17:36
"Behold, the Lord hath created the aearth that it should be binhabited; and he hath created his children that they should possess it."
And I had a cool missionary moment on the metro!
On the way home I told an older lady that I liked her bag and we talked pretty much the entire metro ride.  She was telling me about how she had so many good friends that were Mormon when her kids were growing up. She has always been impressed with them and their standards, especially the amount of time that they spent with their families. She said that they adopted the tradition of setting every Sunday night aside as family night. She told us that even if we don't think we are making an impression, we really are. So keep on being a good example!!! 
And I think the pictures I have will show you better than I could ever explain just how pretty it was!!
I hope everyone has a great week!! And it's Easter next Sunday!! Oh how I am so grateful to share about my Savior Jesus Christ with everyone at Easter-time!!!  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!! I know that Christ's sacrifice is for all of us!! He loves us each so much!
Sister Udall

Cherry Blossom Trees

More good things to come!!

April 7, 2014

Hello all!!!!
I hope that it has been a good week for everyone! It was a good week for me. It was conference week!!  General Conference was such a treat for me! Oh my, I loved it!!
This week especially, we have been talking to people about living prophets. We talk about that all the time, but this week there were a lot of people that we talked to that asked questions about it.  We even got to show some people Mormon Messages with President Monson speaking. It was so neat to see how the Spirit touched their hearts. Instead of just saying, "No, we don't need a prophet" or "I don't think there is one on the earth today", they would say, "How do you know he is a prophet?" or "Wow, I agree with what he said."  They felt the Spirit! It was always a neat experience to talk to them. And even if they didn't want to talk to us more, I know we got them thinking about it! 
There were so many wonderful experiences this week, I hope I can share all of them in the limited amount of time I have.
On Monday we delivered a Book of Mormon in Hindi to a woman named Anita. She was so happy and excited to see it in her own language!  She let us come in and we talked to her and her husband about the Book of Mormon. About two or three times she looked at us and said in the best English she could, "I feel so happy right now. I feel so happy that you are here." It was the sweetest experience ever!! I know that it is only God's love that can make someone that happy and glow like that! She was literally glowing! And even though she couldn't understand everything she said, she knew that what we are saying is true.  The Spirit doesn't have any language barriers! I am so grateful for that! And when we shared the First Vision with them, they both said that was a divine experience. They were both so sweet!   At one point I remember her saying, "You are representing Jesus Christ". I thought, YES!!, WE ARE! It was so great!
Tuesday we were with a sister who is less active and is doubting her testimony of living prophets and the Book of Mormon.  That morning in my studies I read the perfect chapter for her. So we read it and the spirit was so strong! We were also talking about the priesthood and I felt really strongly that I needed to bear my testimony about an experience I had with a priesthood blessing while on my mission. As I was telling her she interrupted me and said to Sister Anderson "Look at her neck, it is red!"  We were both so puzzled! haha She explained that since my neck was red (I'm pretty sure it was more my chest) I was telling the truth. She could sense that I wasn't making up the experience.  It was cool that she knew I wasn't lying. haha So now we joke and say that I'm a "red neck" missionary.  And I'm ok with that. haha  As we were talking about the priesthood power, she told us that she missed having those blessings in her life. That was a pretty funny but also sweet experience. 
We also have this sweet old lady that we go and visit every Wednesday.  Her name is Maryrose. She reminds me a lot of my Great Grandma, and I love going over to her house to talk to her. She has been taught by the missionaries a lot and says she will never be baptized.  As we were visiting on Wednesday, she just started opening up to us and asking us all these questions. She doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is her Savior. I hope that her heart will be touched and that she will understand!! But I love her regardless. She is the sweetest thing ever!!!
On Thursday we had this lesson with a member in our ward. We had a plan to teach about tithing, but we ended up going in and she had some other questions.  Well, it turned out to be such a wonderful and sweet lesson! We watched this Mormon Message "Two Brother Apart" (I think)...  And we talked about charity, love, humility, and service. I needed that lesson too! What a blessing to all learn about it together! Our conversation reminded me of Sister Marjorie Pay Hinckley's quote: "Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."  That is so true!!
And I just loved all of General Conference!!!! It was so good!!
One thing that I loved was how much our Heavenly Father loves us, no matter who we are or what we are doing. He loves us!! And he wants us to recognize our true potential.  Lately I have been heartbroken when I see those that I love and serve doubt their potential or that God loves them. He does! I know it! I've felt a tiny portion of that love, and a tiny portion of the heartbreak that he feels when we think that we are not good enough. WE ARE ENOUGH! We are his children, and we can feel that love he has for us. 
I was getting really excited as I was remembering and writing about all the great things that happened this week. haha  And I got through more than I thought I would!! And there are more good things to come for all of us!! We can count on it!
Sister Udall
 Here is a picture of Sister Anderson and I on day one!!
 I'm a little shorter than she is :) My tallest campanion yet!
They've all been taller then me.

"Teaching in the Rain"

March 31, 2014

So this week was spectacular!! 

We have had lots of rain, and even a few lessons standing in the rain! The people that we were talking to were interested enough to talk to us for 10-30 minutes in the rain!   

On Saturday we had just got done talking to people while it was raining. And we had the General Women's broadcast right after.  I was soaked!!! Oh my! But it was so fun!! We have met so many great people. And I feel strongly that I was supposed to meet them. One girl asked me about life after death and I was able to tell her the peace that I have felt as I have read the Book of Mormon. I told her how I knew I would see my family members again. She said, "That's nice. And I believe all of that!"  It just made me so happy to know that my personal experiences helped someone else out!! 

And this week my love for the scriptures has grown so much!! I feel like I say that all the time, but it's true!! After studies in the morning, I look at my scriptures and just think...these are amazing!!!! Such a blessing in my life!! 

And I just LOVED the Women's General Broadcast!! 
I loved how they talked about covenants.  
There is true power that comes from keeping our covenants!!  I have felt it and I know that God is able to pour down blessings on us when we do what we have promised Him to do. 
I just felt such a strong feeling of love at the broadcast. It was great! So if you haven't watched it, you should!!

I feel like I don't have a lot to say. We just have been busy working hard and trying to talk to everyone that we see.  It truly has blessed us.  I am meeting the most amazing people because of it!! 

This one was a shortie, but I hope you are all having fantastic weeks!!  

Sister Udall

Positive Affirmations! They work!

March 18, 2014

It was a good week!! 
We went to another baptism this week for a little girl that I taught. She is 8 and her parents are members, but her mom asked the sisters, us, to teach her the lessons! It was so fun and I loved every minute of it! I feel like I learned so much from this family!!  It was neat becasue the Primary President asked us to teach the lesson of the Restoration while she was getteing changed.  And it went great!  She had invited a friend who wasn't a member. She is really involved in her other church, but she came up to us and told us how touched she was by our remarks. And she said that she really liked her first experience in a Mormon church! So cool! So just invite others! They will love the experience they have. It was so neat to hear that.
So this was the week of positive affirmations!!! My life has been changed. That's a pretty big statement, but it's true. 
We had a Sisters Conference this week! We had all the sisters come together in our mission and hear great inspired words. This is where the positive affirmations came from.
 I have always felt that I'm pretty positive, but I tend to be positive about everyone else and negative towards myself. But that's not good at all!! And apparently Sister Riggs felt a need to talk about positive thoughts to the whole mission.  So I wanted to share what I learned with you!!
When we have a negative thought it leads to a negative action. Negative actions lead to negative habits, and so on...  So that was so neat to think that it is just a habit that we can get rid of. It will be hard, but we can all overcome habits!! 
And on the flip side of things, positive thoughts lead to positive actions, which lead to positive habits!!!! Yay!
So what I have decided to do is to make all my goals positive statements. For example, "I am healthy." or "I write in my journal every night." And it is working quite well. I just feel a difference than just saying, I want to write in my journal every night. I get down when I think about that. But when I have that statement and visualize myself writing in my journal every night, it helps! Simple examples, but the principle is the same. And I decided that simplicity is key. So I don't have too many goals that I'm working on all at once.  My overall goal is one word: STRENGTHEN.  That is my goal for this year, for my mission, etc. It was a suggestion that they gave us to help us not feel so overwhelmed. And guess what? I had already picked a word and was practicing that principle.  I did it for 2013 too. My word was COURAGE. And I had the courage to come out on a mission and do hard things!!   Anyways, I tell you all of this because setting goals has been a concern for me lately and it was really getting me down. So this conference was an answer to my prayers! If nothing else in this letter makes sense, remember that God answers our prayers! :)
The next thing that they talked about was "Mindfulness". It is something that counselors teach I guess. But it is so good! When we are truly mindful of our surrounding and focusing on the present time and the things going on around us right now, we become more able to act.  Our agancy, or ability to choose increases.  I have noticed that when I am more mindful of what is happening right here and right now I am more able to receive inspiriation from the Spirit. And I have also noticed that it has helped me to notice what I can do to serve others. 
So that is all that I have to say about that meeting.  It was so great!I hope this all makes sense!  I know that God wants me to make goals and to move forward in strengthening others, but it does take time.  I always have to remember patience. :)
We also had Stake Conference this week.  And it was regional, so it was a big deal.  We had one of our investigators come. He is so sweet and nice! He dressed up and looked just like a member!  It was really great! 
I don't know what else to say. I might be transferred. Transfers are this week, so we will see! I get the call tonight!!
I love being a missionary! I have just been loving every minute of it lately!
I hope you are all doing well! I appreciate all the letters and sweet notes I get from you! You help me through the hard times!
Love you all!!
Sister Udall