Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Serve and Love others!

Miracles galore!!! Oh my my my!!! I am so blessed!!! And there is so much to say!!! So little time though!! But I will share the highlight of my week!!

So to start out this story I will tell you that our sink was REALLY backed up. Let's just say it was a tender mercy that I found it when I did at 10pm at night!! We had to bail it out and transfer the water from the sink to the bathroom.  Not the funnest activity, but we laughed lots! And then the next morning the repair men took 3 of them to fix it, and 5 hours!! So we decided to go somewhere for lunch.  So, we decided to try Roy Rogers. Something we had never tried. We both weren't sure of what to expect, BUT the experience was wonderful!! Here's why!!

So we were going to pay for our food, and a man comes us behind the lady checking us out and says, "I am paying for them." He just introduces himself and says that he is so grateful for our service! He said that he appreciates all we do to make the community better.  I was shocked!! I said, "Are you sure?" He laughed and so did I. It was just such a nice and random act of kindness!! Then we got our food and sat down to eat!! Well that food tasted so good!! It was a cheeseburger, some fries, and chicken strips.  Not too fancy, but the fact that I knew I was appreciated was wonderful!!! That man's service made me appreciate what he had to offer me so much more!!

Then I thought...well, if we all served others and just showed them that we love them, everyone would appreciate our sincere invitation to hear about the gospel. They would try it and love it!!! (without a bad taste in their mouth at all) And all because they felt love and service shown towards them!!! Oh my, I was so grateful for that man! It lifted my spirits and just let me know that I really was being watched out for.
As we were eating, I observed him taking peoples trays and talking to them. He was so sincere and nice!! He is a shining example of what I want to become like.  And then he came over and talked to us again. It was so nice.  So, moral of the story....just serve and love others and what we have to offer them will mean so much more to them!!!!! Be sincere and loving!
I love Roy Rogers now!! :)
I hope that everything is going well for everyone!!! I know that Heavenly Father is so mindful of us!! He loves us!! And since I know that I feel so much that I need to share that with others...through my actions, words, and way that I treat others.
Sorry this is a quickie :)
Love you all!!!!!!
Sister Udall

Monday, January 13, 2014

Heavenly Father is in the details of His children's lives everyday!!!

        Like usual, miracles galore...and I'm learning why there are so many miracles all the time! It's because Heavenly Father is in the details of His children's lives every day!!! That's true. I have seen it so much!! Especially this week. I am really looking for them more, and have been praying  for them to be shown to me. And it works!! So here are some of the examples of miracles that I have seen in the past week. And the crazy thing is that these miracles happened by a series of little things. So don't ever doubt for one second that the one good deed you did today or the thought to call someone is just "a thought".  No! They are promptings (though not earth shaking). Divine guidance from our Heavenly Father on how to help out his children..our brothers and sisters!!

So Sister Randquist and I found a less active sister in November/early December. She wasn't in our ward directory and on our records, so it was a miracle that she had requested a Book of Mormon sent to her home...and we showed up! She has been a member for a really long time, but just got lost since she moved to Florida. She is originally from Ghana, in Africa. We have really tried to meet with her, and get an appointment with her, etc. And even invited her to church. She said no, and a few times she tried to make an appointment but she hasn't been there. Lately she has tried to make an appointment, but it hasn't worked out. And then when we have been in her apartment complex, we have ran into her when we weren't planning it. I know now that that is not coincidence, but Heavenly Father helping her see that she isn't forgotten. Then we were with a member of our ward walking in that apartment complex the other day, and this sister drove up in her car, rolled down her window, and told us to come talk to her!! Wow, miracle! Then we introduced her to the member. This sister then said that she and her son were coming to church on Sunday! We were so excited! Well, church started and we hadn't seen her. But after the sacrament we saw her come in!! My heart was so happy! And then on top of that, the first speaker was an older brother who had just come back with his wife from a mission in Ghana!! So this sister who hadn't been to church in years was able to listen to a man talk about Ghana. Now I know that Heavenly Father had divine intervention in that. And think about it, if she had come to church a month ago, maybe she wouldn't have felt as welcomed. Who knows! But I do know that the Lord's timing is perfect and that he places people in our lives for a specific reason. What I was hoping for (her coming to church in November) would not have been as great as the Lord's plans (her coming to church AND meeting this senior missionary couple AND listening to them talk). Think about it, Heavenly Father's hand is in everything!!! I just think that is so amazing!!!

And who would have ever thought mentioning Costco would put a smile on someone's face. We were visiting another less active sister and she is looking for a new job. She has been really stressed out and anxious lately. Well, Sister Nowels just thought she would mention Costco, and she got the biggest smile on her face!! She said that a couple weeks before, a lady from Costco was at Home Depot and needed help. This sister helped her out. The lady that works at HR in Costco gave her all of her information and told her to call her. The sister we were visiting realized that she had forgotten all about her, and that bringing up Costco reminded her that she could get a job there!!! What! We all stood there amazed at what had just happened!! I know that God placed that lady from Costco in her path and that Sister Nowels would remind her of it. So don't ever doubt random thoughts like bringing up Costco. It will mean a lot to someone.  It will let them know that God is aware of them!!

Oh, so many instances of this...I can't even count them all!!! And I wouldn't have time to share all of them with you.
But I know that we will find more happiness and contentment in life as we count our blessings and look for the hand of the Lord in our lives every day! He is there helping us!
And don't ever be afraid to do a good deed! Heavenly Father has put us here to help each other out!
I love this hymn! (Have I Done Any Good?)
It just came to my mind...

There are chances for work all around just now,
Opportunities right in our way,
Do not let them pass by,
Saying "Sometime I'll try",
But go and do something today.
I love missionary work! Heavenly father has places opportunities for all of us to serve and to uplift daily! Let's take them and recognize when he blesses us as well!! How blessed we are!!!

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Udall

Oh and it was really cold this week...
one of the sisters in the mission office told us that we
needed to cover our nose and mouths when we were outside. I feel that we look like bandits! HaHa.
Here is what we looked liked :) We had some good laughs about that!
But it is warm again :) All is well. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Be willing and ready!

January 6, 2014

There have been so many miracles this past week!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


So we were in Pep Boys getting our breaks changed. They had been squeaking. Elder Collins (who is in charge of the cars) insisted that it couldn't wait. And I know that that decision was inspired by the Spirit! As soon as we walked into the waiting room there was a man who told us he had put that Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet onto the table. And he's not even a memeber! He knows the Book of Mormon is true, and then we asked him why he wasn't baptized yet! He said he would tell us later, so we have an appointment with him this coming week. He was a really nice man and definitely understands how excited we should ALL be about missionary work!!! 

Last night (Sunday) we were going to check on a less active family. Sister Nowels was driving, and thought that she could turn on a particular street to get to where we wanted to go (well no, but the Lord knew why we needed to turn there!!!). We turned onto a street that Sister Randquist and I have already been on before!!! We had only knocked on 3 houses though.  As soon as she started turning onto the street I knew that we needed to tract there!!! And so we checked on someone that we had taught once. She wasn't home so we tracted the rest of the street. It was amazing! We handed out 3 Books of Mormon!!  One was to a man who wants us to come back! He said he wants to be better! Another was to a man who said that he was a religious studies major, but did not have a Book of Mormon. He said would read it, and we read him Moroni's promise. Then the last house we went to was another miracle. We knocked on the door and this man said that his roommate downstairs was Mormon!!! We gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to go show his roommate what he had just received! And we can't wait to get in contact with the singles ward sisters to see if they can follow up on it!! As we were about to get into the car, a car pulled into the driveway of the house we were parked in front of. Here's a little background story to this house:  Our ward mission leader had asked us to check on a recent convert, whose records had just moved to that house. This house has always had a for sale sign on it. We haven't ever seen anyone in the past, so this was a miracle that someone was here!! The lady that we were talking to was so nice and sweet! We found out that her husband had passed away. We testified of the Book of Mormon and how much peace it would bring to her life. Mind you, we had given out all of our English Books of Mormons. Well, she was Hispanic, and we had one Spanish Book of Mormon in the car!! She was so touched when we gave her the Book of Mormon! We can't wait to tell the Hermanas about her! And then as soon as we walked away and got in the car, she was getting in her car as well. She wasn't even there for very long! I know that we were meant to talk to her. And we also met an Indian man and told him about the English classes that we have. He said he would be interested in coming!!! All of that happened within an hour! The Lord truly put us where we needed to be! It was an amazing night filled with so many miracles and tender mercies!! That is a testament to me that the Lord is in charge. We just need to be willing to be humble and follow the Spirit. Just have confidence and move forward!! It was wonderful!!

Oh and earlier that afternoon we decided to stop and talk to a man that was outside on his smoke break. He was really nice and just sincerely told us that all he needed right now was a job. And we gave him the number for the Senior Sister missionaries who deal with empolyment. He was so appreciative. I just felt that we were there just for that reason :) 

And at one point we had thought about not teaching a lot of our investigators. As soon as we though about that, a few of them started to contact us again and want to meet with us! It's amazing how this is truly the Lord's work and he won't let us mess it up! :) 

We are teaching one of Bishop's friends. She is so sweet, funny and wonderful! She loves to read, but couldn't read the Book of Mormon that we had given her because it was too small. So when she had some time at the office, she would read the Book of Mormon. She only got to the intoduction and the testimony of the three and eight witnesses but loved it!!  And since she couldn't read any more of the BOok of Mormon, she said that she read the pamphlet 4 times over...and learned something new from it every time! I told her, "Well then you will LOVE the Book of Mormon!"  Her love for learning is contagious! It helped renew my love for learning. She also said that something she loved that we taught was that we can ask for truth from God. I love that about the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well! If we have any question or concern, just ask!! I know Heavenly Father will answer us. Now how he answers is a little more complicated, but I love how he answers us all so personally!! That means he loves us so much!!!

So all in all this week was amazing! And as I look back on it, I just realize that a lot of the miracles happened because I was willing to work and I put myself out there. Heavenly Father placed people in our path. We just talked to them, found out their need, and helped them the best we could! And I know that the love that they felt helped so much as well!!! 
That is all the Lord asks of be willing and ready! To use our unique talents and abilities to serve others!  "... see that ye serve him with ALL your heart, might, mind and strength." (Doctrine and Covenants 4:2)

I love you all!!! Keep on being amazing! Keep on serving where you are...the Lord has you there for a reason (even if we don't know)!!!!!

Sister Udall


December 29, 2013


YAYYYY! 2014 is almost here!!!

I am so excited for this new year....I was telling Sister Nowels that I've never been this excited in my life. And it's because I get to devote this year to serving a serving God! What a neat time!! And I am so grateful for the learning, growth, trials, and tests that will come. As I look back on all the courage that it has taken to make the decision to come out on a mission and serve, I am so grateful that I did!
And I am grateful for the power of the Jesus Christ. I am so grateful we can all change and become more like Him because of his Atonement!  I am grateful that we all have this opportunity to come to earth and live!! My heart is just really happy and grateful right now, but it's true!

And I am grateful that I get to share that with others. We all can, it's AMAZING!
So here are some highlights from my wonderful week!
Christmas Eve we went caroling...and we are now on Instagram singing Joy to the World!! The man said, can you sing something for 30 seconds, I want to put it on instagram. That was a first, but YES of course!!!
We had made a roast for Christmas Eve (because we didn't have a dinner planned) but one of our investigator's invited us into her home as we had come by to sing her some Christmas songs. Then she fed us dinner! It was so humble and nice of her! One Christmas Eve I will never forget!

Then two days later we actually ate the roast :) And as I was washing the dishes a bunch of juice got on my shirt (the water had sprayed back at me)!   Well I was more than tired that evening, and I let out a scream (louder than needed). A few minutes later, our neighbor knocked on our door concerned that something was wrong! Oh good times! I was so embarrassed, but it's good to know that we have a really nice and concerned neighbor! :)
Of course talking to my family was a highlight :)
And we got to go to the Temple Visitor's Center to see the Christmas lights with Frank and Shirley!!! They are so wonderful! We did not get there in time to go to the concert, but we found tickets for Frank and Shirley to go in at least. As soon as they left, we found some members and an investigator from Sister Nowels old ward!! What a miracle! We got to spend time with them and explain more about the temple to this sweet lady!!
The lights were absolutely gorgeous!!!!
And we got to meet an amazing lady, a friend of our Bishop. She is so amazing! On our first visit we shared a lot with her about baptism and why we are so service oriented. We shared about our baptismal covenant in Mosiah 18:8-10. She was so touched by those scriptures. She could see that the members truly did strive to live that... "willing to mourn with those that mourn...comfort those that stand in need of comfort..." That touched me so much! What we do is seen. I pray and hope that my actions can be seen as our Savior's love for others.
And all in all, it was a fantastic week!!!!!
Love you all!!!! Have a fantastic week!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Sister Udall

Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2013

Well hello to all!!!!!

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I cannot believe that it is already here!! I am so grateful for all that I have learned this has truly brought me closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. And I am grateful for the experiences that Heavenly Father gives us so that we do learn and come closer to him. If we never get our feet wet and go out of our comfort zone and try something, we won't learn anything new. That's something that I was reminded of this week. Experience is something that I treasure. And I treasure this time to be out here as a representative of our Savior.
I am learning more and more that this work is so amazing!!!  It is transforming, only if people let it! And the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about hope, change, and becoming more like our Savior. As a missionary, I am reminding others of their potential. I am reminding them who they really are. I don't know who they really are. I only have my little human, Sister Udall eyes. But when we listen to the Spirit and think about God's perspective, his eyes, I know that we all have so much potential. We can see others as God sees them! We can see that God really loves them and knows that they have the potential to become just like him!!!! WOAH COOL!!!! And it is all possible because of ourSavior Jesus Christ! His sacrifice is the reason why we are all able to grow, change, and reach our potential. Otherwise we would be stopped. But Christ's birth, life, and mission is so beautiful and joyful! I just hope that everyone who reads this has time to ponder and reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ and what he can do for you personally.  It's a powerful thought.
Here are some scriptures that I read this morning that go along with an experience I had on Saturday... 
Alma 17:15
"Thus they were a very indolent people, many of whom did worship idols, and the acurse of God had fallen upon them because of the btraditions of their fathers;notwithstanding the promises of the Lord were extended unto them on the conditions of repentance."
So what's truly amazing is that the Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ, has promised us all eternal life and salvation if we will but repent or change and come closer to him. Feel of his love and want to be a little better. I hope any of this is making sense, but here is the story...
So we were at an apartment complex the other day and there were a lot of people outside. (It was 70 degrees this weekend!)  Some boys asked us to come over and talk to them. We started talking to them and it was clear that a lot of them were just wanting to have a discussion, with no intention to really listen. You could tell that they had been following the traditions of their fathers and cared more about what the world thought than God. There was one boy who was asking really soul searching questions and really wanted to know how he could know if what we were saying was true.  But then we left. We talked to them for a little bit longer, and they were progressively just wanting to argue with us about little silly things like, "Why can't you drink wine?"  Well I was getting antsy to go, and one of the boys walked over to me and said, "Are you intimidated by us?" I looked into his eyes, and at first I had been a little intimidated by their loudness and rough appearance. But then what came out of my mouth was a lot different. I said, "No, not at all" And I really meant it. I had this peace in my heart. I had love for these people. It was a sad kind of love, but a love nonetheless.
Later as I was reflecting upon the experience I though of why I had that overwhelming peace and love in my heart. The thought came into my mind, I just wish I could express to these people that I know that they can do better for themselves. They have so much potential inside of them! So much potential to do good! I saw it in their eyes, it was just hidden by a few worldly things.
Like the scripture says, I know that Jesus Christ will save all of his children! I know that he came to this world with the intention of saving all of us!!!! Not just a few of us! We just need to realize our potential, the light we have inside, and change.
I hope that I can keep that perspective and let it grow. I want others to know how dearly loved they are and that they have so much good inside of them! There is so much potential! The light of Christ is there!!!
I pray and hope that the light of Christ is with all of you this Christmas week and that we can share it with everyone that we meet!!!
Sister Udall