Monday, March 17, 2014

The work is hastening

March 10, 2014

So this week was CRAZY!!!

Glenda is baptized too!!! It is just so happy!!! As one member of our ward put it, "I could feel the heavens rejoicing saying, One more!!"  It was so neat to hear that from a member who had attended the baptism.  Glenda was really happy and she has so much faith! We showed her a video of President Monson bearing his testimony (on our new iPads) and then she bore hers saying that "I have no doubt he is a prophet."  There are so many people out there searing and wanting to find more in their lives.  Both Mary Ethel and Glenda have told us that they feel happier and that they wanted more. When they heard the gospel it was familiar to them and felt so right!! The spirit works in miraculous ways and is preparing the hearts of so many people!! I love it!!!
So my favorite scripture of the week is...Doctrine and Covenants 88:73
"Behold, I will hasten my work in its time." 
There are so many parts of that scripture that I love!!
First of all...we got iPads as a mission!! It is so crazy to think that the Lord has given us these as tools to share the gospel.  It has been neat to share videos with others and to pull up talks on it.  I have seen so many miracles from it already and I haven't even had it a week.
When we got the iPads we watched  a video from President Monson that talked about how as we share the gospel with faith, the Lord will work with us and we will see miracles! I loved that! So I decided to put all of my trust in this new tool we are given and just start using it! It is scary, but it is working!! So we can all do scary things!
And then I had this other feeling that I knew that I was supposed to be sharing the gospel in Washington DC using this iPad at this time. It was wierd. I started crying.  Oh my. haha But I just know that God is preparing me to be the missionary he wants me to be. And God can prepare all of us to be better tools in his hands.  He can do so much with us if we are jsut willing. 
And the last thing I wanted to share is that this work will go forth "in its time". I need to remember that and be patient, but also see the miracles that are happening right now. We are living in such an amazing time!!! It's so great!!!!!!!
I we all remember how much our Heavenly Father knows us and loves each and every one of us!! We are all so precious in his sight!! His work is MARVELOUS!!!
Love, Sister Udall

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