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More good things to come!!

April 7, 2014

Hello all!!!!
I hope that it has been a good week for everyone! It was a good week for me. It was conference week!!  General Conference was such a treat for me! Oh my, I loved it!!
This week especially, we have been talking to people about living prophets. We talk about that all the time, but this week there were a lot of people that we talked to that asked questions about it.  We even got to show some people Mormon Messages with President Monson speaking. It was so neat to see how the Spirit touched their hearts. Instead of just saying, "No, we don't need a prophet" or "I don't think there is one on the earth today", they would say, "How do you know he is a prophet?" or "Wow, I agree with what he said."  They felt the Spirit! It was always a neat experience to talk to them. And even if they didn't want to talk to us more, I know we got them thinking about it! 
There were so many wonderful experiences this week, I hope I can share all of them in the limited amount of time I have.
On Monday we delivered a Book of Mormon in Hindi to a woman named Anita. She was so happy and excited to see it in her own language!  She let us come in and we talked to her and her husband about the Book of Mormon. About two or three times she looked at us and said in the best English she could, "I feel so happy right now. I feel so happy that you are here." It was the sweetest experience ever!! I know that it is only God's love that can make someone that happy and glow like that! She was literally glowing! And even though she couldn't understand everything she said, she knew that what we are saying is true.  The Spirit doesn't have any language barriers! I am so grateful for that! And when we shared the First Vision with them, they both said that was a divine experience. They were both so sweet!   At one point I remember her saying, "You are representing Jesus Christ". I thought, YES!!, WE ARE! It was so great!
Tuesday we were with a sister who is less active and is doubting her testimony of living prophets and the Book of Mormon.  That morning in my studies I read the perfect chapter for her. So we read it and the spirit was so strong! We were also talking about the priesthood and I felt really strongly that I needed to bear my testimony about an experience I had with a priesthood blessing while on my mission. As I was telling her she interrupted me and said to Sister Anderson "Look at her neck, it is red!"  We were both so puzzled! haha She explained that since my neck was red (I'm pretty sure it was more my chest) I was telling the truth. She could sense that I wasn't making up the experience.  It was cool that she knew I wasn't lying. haha So now we joke and say that I'm a "red neck" missionary.  And I'm ok with that. haha  As we were talking about the priesthood power, she told us that she missed having those blessings in her life. That was a pretty funny but also sweet experience. 
We also have this sweet old lady that we go and visit every Wednesday.  Her name is Maryrose. She reminds me a lot of my Great Grandma, and I love going over to her house to talk to her. She has been taught by the missionaries a lot and says she will never be baptized.  As we were visiting on Wednesday, she just started opening up to us and asking us all these questions. She doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is her Savior. I hope that her heart will be touched and that she will understand!! But I love her regardless. She is the sweetest thing ever!!!
On Thursday we had this lesson with a member in our ward. We had a plan to teach about tithing, but we ended up going in and she had some other questions.  Well, it turned out to be such a wonderful and sweet lesson! We watched this Mormon Message "Two Brother Apart" (I think)...  And we talked about charity, love, humility, and service. I needed that lesson too! What a blessing to all learn about it together! Our conversation reminded me of Sister Marjorie Pay Hinckley's quote: "Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."  That is so true!!
And I just loved all of General Conference!!!! It was so good!!
One thing that I loved was how much our Heavenly Father loves us, no matter who we are or what we are doing. He loves us!! And he wants us to recognize our true potential.  Lately I have been heartbroken when I see those that I love and serve doubt their potential or that God loves them. He does! I know it! I've felt a tiny portion of that love, and a tiny portion of the heartbreak that he feels when we think that we are not good enough. WE ARE ENOUGH! We are his children, and we can feel that love he has for us. 
I was getting really excited as I was remembering and writing about all the great things that happened this week. haha  And I got through more than I thought I would!! And there are more good things to come for all of us!! We can count on it!
Sister Udall
 Here is a picture of Sister Anderson and I on day one!!
 I'm a little shorter than she is :) My tallest campanion yet!
They've all been taller then me.

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