Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Be faithful in Christ

February 19, 2014

It has been quite the week, but such a good one!!! There has been so much to do it's been great!  On Thursday it snowed a ton!!!! About a foot. So we just walked around our apartment complex and met lots of people and talked to them. That was really fun!! And we were wet and cold, and everyone looked at us like we were crazy, but we didn't care. We were really happy and having a good time. 
I guess we are a really happy companionship.  One of our investigators said, well you both are really happy!! That made us laugh. It's true, we are both so excited about the gospel!!
Sorry this is going to be sooo short! But I wanted to share a scripture that really helped me yesterday.  So we had Zone Conference yesterday and it had lightly snowed. I don't know why I was so stressed that morning but I was.  Then we were practice teaching and reading in the Book of Mormon. As I was teaching, I looked at the page I was opened up to and the line "My son, be faithful in Christ" really caught me. As I read the whole thing, it really helped me calm down.  And I love this so much!!
Moroni 9:25-26
25 My son, be faithful in Christ; and may not the things which I have written grieve thee, to weigh thee down untoadeath; but may Christ lift thee up, and may his sufferings and death, and the showing his body unto our fathers, and his mercy and blong-suffering, and the hope of his glory and of eternal life, rest in your cmind forever.
 26 And may the grace of God the Father, whose throne is high in the heavens, and our Lord Jesus Christ, who sitteth on the aright hand of his power, until all things shall become subject unto him, be, and abide with you forever. Amen.
Just remember that we chose to be happy and Christ is always there to offer hope and peace!
Love you lots!
Sister Udall

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