Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello Family!

February 24, 2014

So this week was wonderful and so busy!! I don't know where the time went or what we did. But we were really busy!!! We did a lot of wonderful and fun things too!!

Monday we went into Old Town Alexandria and ate at a cupcake shop.  That was fun. And it happened to be the parade for George Washington's Birthday. We didn't stay for that, but it was really fun!   We also had dinner with a family in our ward, and they said that one of the doors we had knocked on while tracting was their family friends! We had given their son a Book of Mormon! That just helped me realize that I am doing my job! And the Lord has a purpose for everything we do. Even if we don't ever find it out. That was a tender mercy!
Tuesday we had Zone Conference. Oh my!   That was so amazing! I think I already shared that scripture with you that I found in practice teaching in my last email.  That was definitely a miracle for me! This week we have been teaching the members the lessons as well. And it is so fun to teach families! I can't wait to find more families that want to hear about the gospel! There is such a spirit there as we teach families about God's plan for them!! 
Wednesday we got to talk to our investigator's brother! We have tried one or twice before, but never found him home.  So this time he was home! And we shared with him about the Restoration and the First Vision. I felt this overwhelming feeling of happiness as we were telling him that the Book of Mormon is God's witness to us that this is His church on the earth once more. We don't have to be confused by the many translations of the Bible because there is a prophet on the earth today and a book of scripture that has not been translated so many times and lost the "plain and precious parts". I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that God loves us always.  No matter when we lived or what circumstances we live in. He loves us all!  Oh, and another cool thing that happend as we were talking to this man...In Zone Conference the day before President Riggs had asked us to study how the Book of Mormon answers the "Questions of the Soul".  So that morning I did.  And I pick what I thought was a so random one, but I studied it anyways. The question was "How can I balance my family and my career?"  Well, as this man was talking to us he was expressing how frustrated he was with taking care of his dad, but wishing that he had been a millionaire so that he wouldn't have to and he could hire someone to do it.  Well, I then felt a small voice say to me "that's why you studied that topic!" So I told him to read 3 Nephi 13.  I pray he does!! I wrote the question down and everything!! So that was a really neat experience that Heavnely Father prepares us as we are willing to put the time into it.  We were also on an exchange that day! I was with Sister Richards...but sadly I didn't get a picture with her! She is so great!!!
Thursday was the busiest day EVER!! Oh my goodness!! I wish I could send a picture of my planner with this!! It was so crazy! We had something going on every hour of the day.  We were exhausted by the end of the day.  We had lunch at Costco with a member and a lady she visit teaches.  I love visiting is amazing!! And it is the way that Heavenly Father has set up for all of us to be watched over.  SO it is great!  We also got to teach lots of members! We made a puzzle for a little girl that we teach.  (And the funny thing is that the puzzle was made in a bakery before the lesson while we had our "snack"...There wasn't really time for dinner. Oops!  ) The lesson was on keeping the commandments and each puzzle piece had a commandment on the back of it.  So when you put the puzzle together it is a picture of Christ.  We become more christlike when we keep the commandments.  Somehow in all of my busyness I have made visual aids and such. I think it helps me relax. And then we went to the Temple Visitor's center with Glenda!!  That was really fun and Glenda is so excited to be baptized! We had a really good time!!
Friday we went to a funeral for a man in our ward.  His wife has been taught by missionaries before. What I loved most about it was that it was truly a celebration of his life. Because we will see him again! And that helped me out.  The Bishop had this really good poem that he sent us, so I need to get that somehow.  It was so good!!!
Saturday we participated in the Stake's "Mini MTC" activity.  And we taught Mary Ethel. She is so excited to be baptized next Saturday!!  We got to go on exchanges with two of the youth in our stake.  They were so sweet!  Sister Taylor and I thought that they weren't having a good time, but they actually did! After the exchange we were in the foyer of the church waiting to leave, and we heard each of these sweet girls bearing their testimonies! That was another tender mercy for us. We were so excited and so happy. The Elders that were with us thought we were crazy, but that's ok!!  They felt the spirit of missinonary work!!  We also had a discussion with some members from the Anglican church.  It was a potential service opportunity but they wanted to "interview" us and see what our doctrines were.  We both felt a little uneasy/nervous about it.  But we went anyways. I felt that we needed to go and stand up for what we belive in.  The whole discussion was a miracle!  We got to share the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration with them.  They listened.  Even though they didn't agree, they did feel that we had a lot of similarities that they hadn't ever realized before. And I was amazed with how we all came together and talked about it.  We bore our testimony and stated what we believed and invited them to learn more. Wow it was quite the experience, and I needed that.  I needed to know that I could stand up for what I believe, even if they weren't going to let us serve with them.  They don't want us to serve with them, but that's ok :) 
Sunday we went to church!  And that was great! Both Glenda and Mary Ethel are so excited. They keep telling everyone! That makes me happy to know that they feel joy from coming to church, wanting to be baptized.  It's fun!! It was also beautiful and sunny outside!!  What a blessing!

And today is beautiful and sunny as well!!
Have a good day!
Love you all!!
Sister Udall

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