Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 12, 2014

I had the blessing of having 3 companions in one week!! It was an amazing experience to get to know 3 sisters in such a short period of time. So many friends! I'm so blessed!! Blessings always come out of unexpected experiences!!
So I got to spend a few days in the Spanish program. We worked both in my area and in the Hermana's area.  It was so fun!! If I was lucky, I could understand most of what was being said. And that was usually during the lesson part.  The spirit was able to let me know what they were talking about.  So that was really cool!! And I got to eat lots of food! Oh man, do they eat! We also had these really cute little girls play with our hair and they wanted us to wear their sunglasses.  Sadly I don't have a picture of that.  I also got to go out with a few sisters in my ward so we could just work in our ward. I learned so much from them. That was another blessing.  Going on a mission, I just have so many friends now!!!!
Sister Udall and Sister Taylor
And then I got my companion Sister Taylor!!! She is awesome!! I love her so much!! She is so sweet and thoughtful.  I had forgotten my jacket in the Hermanas car, and they had already left, so she gave me her jean jacket to wear for a little while. And she never ever stops serving me. She's great!!
And we also got to go to the temple today!! What a blessing that was!! There is such a peace at the temple. I love it!! Even through there was a lot of traffic and such, it was totally worth every minute of traffic.  I want to make it a goal to go to the temple often throughout my life.  It was just such a peaceful time. There really is a little bit of heaven on earth!!
Things are going well otherwise. I'm still in Mt Vernon and loving every minute of it!!! 
I feel that I have been so blessed with so many friends.  The other day our mission president told us that "I hope you never meet a stranger".  That is my motto now. Never meet a stranger.  We are all brothers and sisters, and we can all learn and help one another. We are all friends!!!!
Love you all!! And have a wonderful week!!!

Sister Udall

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