Monday, November 25, 2013


FYI, you can find Rachel on facebook now, Rachel Udall. She is now aloud to have a facebook page for those who do facebook. Look her up!
Her blog is now officially updated. I apologize for not posting last week. 

November 25, 2013


So this week there was a definite lesson that Heavenly Father wanted me to learn...and that is to be grateful for my trials/oppositions/etc. along with all of the many many many many blessings that he has blessed me with. I know that the things he has blessed me with and has promised me outweigh the hard things that I am facing. But it's all about perspective! It's all about making sure that we remember the eternal perspective and not focus too much on the temporal things/needs/wants right here and right now.  Pretty much every lesson that we had this week somehow came back to being grateful for the trials that we go through, because they make us grow!! And I can attest to that! No one likes growing pains in the moment, but it makes us taller and stronger in the long run!!
So here are some things that I am grateful for...
Sister Randquist! (We have so many people put in our life for a specific reason...and she is one of them! I know that she is my companion to help me learn and grow and to just love me and be there for me!)
Faith (It is so comforting to know that we don't need to know things right away! This gospel is one of faith! Moving forward with the hope and desire for things to be true and acting on it! I am grateful for my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ!)
Friends, family, everyone that I meet...they have all been my angels this week!!! I have received so  many nice words from so many people this week that have made my day. It has increased my faith and kept me going :) Kind words, deeds, and "generous thoughts" are tender mercies from Heavenly Father.
The scriptures! I have found so much comfort and peace and direction through the scriptures. My love for them has grown so much on my mission! I am so grateful that I have had this time to study them, search them, ponder them, and find out for myself if they are true.
The unfailing love and mercy of Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.  Oh, how wonderful it is to know that God and Christ love us unconditionally! All that is good and all that is hopeful comes from them! I love that I know that I am a daughter of God! It brings me so much peace, comfort, and joy every day!
So these are just a few of the things that I am grateful for...the list could go on forever! I am striving to have a more grateful heart and attitude. It goes a long ways. When I am down or sad, a grateful attitude changes my perspective around. I am so thankful for this season of gratitude and thanksgiving for everything that our Heavenly Father has given us! I am grateful for this time on earth. I am grateful for this mortal experience. And even though there is sorrow, disappointment, and pain at times, it just makes our joy and happiness that much greater! I have so much to be grateful for and hope that we can all take the time to sit down, be still, and ponder all of the miraculous things that Heavenly Father has given us!!! Life truly is splendid, beautiful, and wonderful!!!
The work is good! We have had so many miracles this week! It is amazing to see how love is the answer. I know that may seem very cliché and silly. But I know that it is true. When I have really focused on letting my friends that I have met know that they are sons and daughters of God, their countenances change. When they can feel His love, their eyes sparkle just a little bit more. I know that His Spirit is healing and brings so much peace and joy to my heart!  One of my lifelong goals is to just let others know that they are LOVED! If nothing else, that is what I want others to feel! I want them to feel loved, just as I feel so loved!!!
I hope you all know how much I love you!
Sister Udall

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