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November 18, 2013

Oh my my my! Change!  Transfers came and I am officially not in Great Falls.  I am serving in the Mount Vernon Ward! I live in Alexandria, VA now. 
I love Great Falls, there is a very special place for it in my heart. But I am excited to meet new people, love and serve them, and love Mount Vernon just as much as I do Great Falls!!
But before I left I did get one last chocolate ice cream soda from Brother Davis :)  Our sugar fast has officially ended since the transfer is over. But I need to remember that moderation in all things is key :)
It is more city than rolling hills and mansion after mansion, but it is wonderful here! There are people from all over the world!  In the 5 days I have been here I have met people from Ghana, Sierra Leon, the Philippines, and all over I can't even say.  These people have gone through more hardships and struggles.  It is humbling to listen to their stories and life events. One thing that might be hard for me is remembering all of their names. They are all so uniqe and different. I love it!  I love it here already!! Our church building is right on the Potomac River. I should have taken a picture. It's gorgeous! And it is right next to Mount Vernon, George Washington's home as well. 
We have had a very exciting week so far. Oh, well first I should tell you who my new companion is...her name is Sister Randquist! She is AMAZING! I know that Heavenly Father put us together for a reason. I can't wait to learn so much from her! 
The first morning together our water was not working and we had to go to another sister missionary's apartment to use their shower.  Oh fun times! But while we were going to the office to get it fixed, we met a super nice man, and we helped him get into the gym.  He said he would love to come and hear what we have to say some time.  I am so glad that our water wasn't working! Everything happens for a reason.
Our apartment is super cute!!! There is even a piano in it! One thing that I had started to do when I was at the Davis' was to practice the piano during lunch hours.  Well I was really sad that I couldn't do that anymore...just kidding! Heavenly Father provides tender tender mercies for us! A piano is just one of many :) 
We have 8 missionaries serving in our ward. Crazy to go from just one set to 4! We have 2 sets of elders, us sisters, and a senior couple. What a fun time to be a missionary when we are all working together in the same ward to hasten his work along! This will be a fun learning experience to work closely with so many missionaries and learn from all of them. 
Sister Randquist has already strengthened my testimony so much! She has such a wonderful spirit about her!  I know that we all have such an integral and wonderful part in Heavenly Father's work for us!! I know that we all have different talents and abilities so that we can teach others, be someone's friend, and provide service in just the way that the Lord needs it!!  I know that Heavenly Father is guiding this work.  He can play a part in all of our daily lives if we let him and invite the Spirit into our hearts.  The Spirit then tells us what we need to do in order to help out in this great work.  I am learning to just follow my good thoughts, because they come from the spirit.  In Relief Society yesterday a sister quoted on of the general authorities that had once said, "Never suppress a generous thought." I want to work on that this week!! 
I know that this gospel is the same wherever we may be and that it applies to us all throughout our lives. I know that no matter what our situation, station, or anything else is, I know that Heavenly Father loves us, cares about us, and wants us to be happy!!!
I pray and hope that everyone has a spectacular week!!
Sister Udall

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