Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Talk to Everyone!!! Share Your Testimony!!!


I hope everyone is having a fantastic day (and had a wonderful week)!!!
This week I had some really neat experiences where I felt that the work I have been doing has been helping people out, even if I don't see the results right away. I am so grateful for the Spirit! It is such a privilege to have it with us and to let it guide our service.  And mine especially!!! I have really seen the difference that it makes when I am constantly striving to seek and follow the spirit. And Sister Phelps has been a wonderful example of always striving to follow the Spirit!! I am so grateful I have the opportunity to serve with her!! There have been so many instances this week where I know that the promptings of the Spirit have led us to stay away from danger, told us where to go, and what to say.  One little story: On Saturday I needed to get some pamphlets out of our trunk.  As I did so, I had this thought to grab the one Spanish pamphlet that we had in our trunk just in case (and we were in a pretty wealthy, affluent neighborhood).  I questioned, and closed the trunk.  As soon as I did I instantly regretted not following the simple thought, so I had Sister Phelps open up the trunk for me again.  Well, we went on with our afternoon. And for the next hour and a half I kept it with me.  We had gone to a different neighborhood really close by to check on a potential and there were a few ladies putting their cleaning supplies into the back of the van. (It looked like they had a cleaning service.)  I went up and started talking to her.  I used the little Spanish I could to talk to her.  We gave her a card and then we were about to walk away...then the Spirit reminded me about the pamphlet that I had been carrying in my hand for the last hour and a half!  So I quickly opened my mouth and asked if she would read the pamphlet.  She smiled and said, "Yes I would love to!"  She was really excited and promised us time and time again that she would read it.  Such simple and small promptings, and nothing "spectacular" as in a lesson came out of it, but I just know that she needed to read that pamphlet!!!  Heavenly Father really does work in small and mysterious ways! 
Another fun, little story.  It was pretty late Saturday night and we were trying to find this one address in an apartment complex.  Well, there was a lady leaning over her little balcony (which was on the first floor). I asked her where this address would be, and then we got started talking.  Her little daughter came outside and was so cute!  We found out that it was her birthday the day before.  I got super excited and then out of my mouth came, "Can we sing happy birthday to you?!"  And then we did!!  It was a fun, spontaneous moment! And the little girl was so happy!  We invited them to church, and the little girl really wanted to go!  She kept calling us her friends.  Oh, it was such a sweet little moment!!
We had so many other little miracles, and now that I think about it, a lot of them happened because I had made up my mind to TALK TO EVERYONE!! 
I am just overcome with so much joy and gratitude for this opportunity that I have to be a missionary right now!!! This transfer I am really coming to LOVE the scriptures!!!!  Every morning during personal study I love reading the scriptures.  I am amazed by what a wonderful and powerful gift they are to us!!!  My testimony has grown from the testimonies of all the wonderful prophets bearing their testimonies!!!
We are teaching a new family!! They are from Egypt, and don't know a lot of English, but the scriptures and pictures are amazing!! Sister Jeppsen and Sister Woodbury found them and passed them to us.  Sister Jeppsen is such a wonderful example of teaching simply and really using the scriptures to help others understand.  I am so grateful for her example.  I have learned so much from her already!!  I know that teaching this family will be a really good opportunity for me to learn how to teach simply.  I really need the help, and I am grateful for this opportunity Heavenly Father has given me to learn and to grow! 

We also got to teach an impromptu Sunday School lesson yesterday!!  We taught about prayer, and oh my, that inspired me to really make my prayers more sincere and meaningful.  I am so grateful that we all have the wonderful gift of talking directly with our Heavenly Father!! We can each access that Heavenly Power!!! I know that Heavenly Father is anxious for us to talk to him, and he is anxious to bless us! I know that he knows what is best for each and every one of us! I know that he loves us all so so much!!! I just pray and hope that I never forget that!!
Sister Udall

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