Thursday, August 28, 2014

Highlights of the Week!

August 25, 2014

This week flew by! When do they not?  
There were so many miracles, ups and downs as well, so here I go...

Monday was a crazy preparation day. We had to tell ourselves that it wasn't even a preparation day because we were doing so much. The only time that we had to help clean someone's house was on Monday afternoon.  So we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Then we vacuumed our car so that it was ready for Zone Conference on Wednesday. And we ate a quick dinner and headed out to do our grocery shopping before 6. Craziness. Then we headed over to a member's home to teach them the Restoration. After that, we went to someone who joined the church two years ago, but hasn't been coming to church. She had just gotten home and seemed a litle flustered. She made some silly comment about the dishes doing themselves, and then I felt this force propelling me off of the couch and walking me over into the kitchen to do the dishes. It was fun! We talked and did the dishes for her. That is one way to have a lesson.

Tuesday was district meetings, service at the food pantry, and we finally saw one of our investigators that we haven't seen in a while. Miracels!

Wednesday was Zone Conference! There was a lot of preparation that went into that. It took two Elders to try and get out bike rack off of our car so that we could wash it and have it ready for Zone Conference. Then we had to prepare a little thought on love. It was a really wonderful conference. I learned a lot, especially just how important it is that we are doing the Lord's will and nothing else. I just know that this gospel is true!! That night was amazing! We had a wonderful lesson with Petris, the father of this family from the Cameroon that we are teaching. He is so humble and willing to learn. Then we had a lesson with Brian, and met a new lady who wants to come to church. She fed us enchiladas from El Salvador. It was a good night!

Thursday was great as well! We went on exchanges. I stayed in Fort Belvoir with Sister Watson. We had a great time. One thing that I learned from the exchagne is that the Spirit is so present in our lives. I could feel him leading me to where I needed to go or what I needed to say.  We had 10 minutes before dinner, and we went to go check on this one investigator Isata. She said come back on Sunday, but was running out the door for work. We haven't been able to see her in weeks! Miracles everywhere. The small and simple ones. We also had a really amazing lesson with Alexis. She read the Book of Mormon this week and learned exactly what we had planned to teach her! When we do the small and simple things that God has asked, we learn what His will is for us! I'm convinced more and more that the miracels come by the little things. 

Sister Udall and Sister Watson.
Friday was crazy! We had a wonderful lesson with a member named Jacky. I love teaching and talking about the Plan of Salvation! Sadly, I haven't been teaching it a lot. But this week we did!

Saturday was great! We got to help a sister do her visiting teacing this week! It is amazing to see how inspired visiting teaching is! The sister that came with us is perfect for this sister that we visit. God knows us invidividually.

And Sunday was the cherry on top!  Alexis came to church!! She was nervous, but really seemed to like it.  I felt such a peace at church. All the talks were exactly what I needed to hear. The past couple of Sundays have been really hard for me. I'm not sure why. But this was a testimony builder for me that even when it seems hard to come to church and be there, it gets better! Sundays like this come and we really feel the Savior healing us. We went back to see Isata, but saw her sister Vera instead. Sister Akin really needed a glass of water, so she asked if she could get one really quick. Vera let us in and then she voiced her concern about how Mormons worship Joseph Smith. We answered her concern and cleared that up for her. She said that next time she would listen and that she would tell her sisters that she was wrong and misinformed. That is a miracle!! We helped Isata and her sister Sarah out by talking to Vera and helping her know that we aren't crazy!  We also taught Petis' wife, Edith. She loved the Plan of Salvation and they are going to be a forever family and go to the temple someday! I just know it! We also got to have a great little visit with a member in our ward. She was so excited that we were coming. It really touched her heart. We both felt prompted to go, so we did! Miracles happened!

I'm all out of time, but love you all so much!!!
Sister Udall

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