Monday, August 11, 2014

Oh, What a Wonderful Week!!

August 11, 2014

I hope everyone had a fantastic, happy, and joyous week!! It truly has been a great week because God is a God of miracles! He still blesses his children! And I have seen so many instances this past week where he has done that.

Here is just one simple story.  Last night, we went to a lesson and as we were walking back to the car I saw a man getting out from his car. We both started walking over that way and we said hi to him. He was really nice and we started talking to him about who we are and what we have to share.  He opened up a little bit and shared with us how he is not sure which church is right. He has been to a lot, but has noticed that they all contradict and say that they are the right church. As we kept talking, we taught about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how Joseph Smith had a lot of the same questions as he had. He was so sincere in knowing what God wanted him to do.  At the end of our time together, he thanked us for talking to him. He said that he had  really enjoyed the time he spent talking to us. He said that he noticed us talking with a man outside of his apartment complex last week. Once he said that, I remembered him as well! I had seen him pass by us, and had wanted to talk to him, but I was in the middle of a conversation. I was almost awkward about it because I went to talk to him, but stopped myself.  And apparently he had noticed that I had wanted to talk to him. So Jordan, this is the guy's name, told us that he promised himself he would talk to us the next time he saw us! Not more than a week later, we talked to him! SERIOUSLY SO MIRACULOUS!!! I'm so grateful that we took the time to talk to him. I'm continually learning how important every person is! Everyone has a story. Everyone is loved in God's eyes!

Simply put, the lesson that I learned this week was that when we focus on others and helping them everything else falls into place.

We went on two exchanges this week and saw so many miracles come from it!  I am in awe about how when we give Christ our heart (as imperfectly as we give it to Him), he takes it and gives us all of His heart and blesses us way more than we can ever serve Him!! It is amazing to see the amount of love that he has for us!

One thing that I love about exchanges is that I see so much greatness in these sisters! They are truly wonderful!! I just hope they know how wonderful they are and how much God knows they can do! They have so much potential because they are God's daughters.  And while I was thinking about how much God loves them I thought to myself...He loves me this much too!! I shouldn't sell myself short and put myself down all the time. I need to remember that I am no exception to his love! None of us are an exception to his love! I'm grateful that I have this opportunity to feel of a little bit of the love that God has for us all. And I know that has come from service.

I don't usually do this, but here is a challenge for the week (if you wish to accept it):
Pray for opportunities to serve someone every single day. Pray to recognize those opportunities to serve.
And the second one (which can sometimes be harder) is to accept the opportunity to be served. If someone wants to serve you, let them do it!

You will be surprised at how much you feel God's love for you and others as you do both of these things. I know I was surprised!

I hope that you are each doing well and seeing God's hand in your
life. I know it's there!

Love you all so much!
Sister Udall

Sister Udall on an exchange with Sister Harris.

Sister Udall with Sister Fakatou for an exchange.

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