Sunday, August 24, 2014

Be of good cheer!

August 18, 2014

This week was great!
I took the challenge that I talked about in last weeks letter and saw so many answers to my prayers. As I was willing to be there for the Lord and be a ready instrument in his hands, I found so many ways that I could serve others in small and simple ways.

I really loved this because I truly felt like I was doing the Savior's work! I know that I always am, becasue I am on a misson, but I felt more Christ-like this week becasue my focus on service and love for everyone.  And I've realized that we don't have to feel super strong or full of energy to be an answer to someone's prayers. Let me explain why...

This week we went on exchagnes with the Mount Vernon Sisters!! I got to go to Mount Vernon again...this time with Sister Ellis! She has been feeling really exhausted lately, and I was especially tired that day.  So at the beginning of our exchange I told her... "Sister our goal for this exchange is to relax and refuel."  She said that that is exactly what she needed.  And I knew that was what I needed as well. God knew that he could put a tired Sister Ellis and Sister Udall together because they both needed it. I joked with her that "God qualifies the called". He called me to go to Mount Vernon and knew that she would need time to relax, so he wore me out the previous day!  haha It is funny and amazing how things work out. 

So we worked all day, but took it at a pace that we knew wouldn't kill us. And the most amazing things happened!! We helped Glenda (someone that I taught when I was there!!) clean her apartment. It was amazing to see the progress we had made in a little amoun of time. We also helped a woman bring groceries upstairs...and she happened to be someone that the sisters had talked to before!! She said she was absolutely exhausted when we came over and offered help and was grateful that we came.  
(A little side note: It's funny though how everyone  we ask for help initially says no, but once we insist and start helping they let us do it and eventually thank us.  At the beginning of my mission I was way more afraid to help when they said no at first. But then I realized that we just need to "First observe, then serve."  Sometimes we need to just jump in!!)
We also helped an older woman carry a bicycle up three flights of stairs. (Apparently that was the third day in a row that they had helped that woman). And we helped another lady carry up groceries!! The real miracle behind that was that the sisters had met her at the grocery store and she wants us to come back!  Then a few minutes later, we had stopped to talk to a lady and we were able to take out her neighbor's trash and drop a letter in the mailbox.  All of those things were opportunities that were given to us. It was miraculous! And I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father let me be a part of those tender moments. 

We also had some neat experiences a few days later.  We went to check on a friend of a member and when she opened the door her kids were folding laundry. So we just jumped in there and helped them out! Then we just listened to all that this mom is going through and decided that we would all fast together! 

I'm learning through all of this that no matter what we have, the Lord can make miracles out of it! And as we exercise faith and put our trust in Him, we feel more peace than we ever would if we tried to take on these problems by ourselves. There are so many hard hard things people have to go through. And the world isn't an easy or fair place to live in. 

This is the one scripture that brought me the most peace this week: 

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might havepeace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

Remember, Christ has overcome the world! We can have full faith and trust in him!!
Love you all!!
Sister Udall

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