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August 4, 2014

So this week was one full of a lot of activities and meetings that don't happen every single week. I'll give you a low down of the schedule and of what I learned from all of it.

Monday night we went to a funeral.  It was really comforting to see the healing power of Christ working in all of our hearts. And the Spirit truly does edify us, empower us, and uplift us.  There were a lot of nonmembers at the funeral, and they all felt very peaceful afterwards and there was a happier spirit afterwards.  The chapel is such a peaceful place.  It is a refuge for our soul!

Tuesday was a "normal" day. We had our district meetings and set really big goals for the transfer. Sister Akin and I both feel that there will be big miracles that come from the six weeks that we are together. I know that we have a long ways to go to get there, but it is POSSIBLE! Our area has so much potential! God would not have sent us here if he didn't have a work for us to do!

Wednesday was our Missionary Leadership Counsel meeting.  This is the second one that I've been to and my favorite so far! We talked a lot about the principles of leadership and studied about Christ's example. He was so compassionate and charitable. He really loved each and every person one by one! My words don't do it justice, so go to the Book of Mormon and read 3 Nephi 17.  It is packed with so much!! President Riggs also posed the question:  In this battle against Satan, what are you fighting for? That is a powerful question. We all talked about it, and I realized how motivating it is to think about why we are out here serving missions! Here are some of the things I am fighting for... happiness, freedom, my Savior, God's work and his glory, my family (past, future, and present), and for God's love. When I think about all the blessings that I have and all the blessings that others don't have, I just want to share this with EVERYONE! As I have come closer to my Savior and have realized just how much he has done for me, I want to be a little better, a little kinder, and a little bolder in sharing this great gospel with others! That night we talked to so many people and it was so enjoyable!!

Thursday we had an interesting lesson with one of our investigators. She has become really closed off to what we are saying and won't really internalize or listen to what God is trying to tell her.  So it was a sad moment when we realized that it's best not to teach her right now.  We have had multiple experiences this week where people are flat out rejecting us and choosing not to listen to what we have to say anymore. It's sad, but I know we will find those that do want to listen to this happy and oh-so important message!

Friday we had a Half-Mission Conference.  We talked all about keeping our covenants!! I was reminded about how simple the gospel really is. I tend to overcomplicate things in my mind, and the truth of it is that everything will work out when we are keeping the promises that we have made with God. When we do that, he will bless us and guide us to do what is right.  I'm grateful that the gospel is so simple. We also talked about CONSECRATION. I really do want to be a consecrated missionary!! I love the Savior, so I want to give all that he has given to me back to him again!!

Saturday was the Nationals Game 2.0!! I got to go again. This time was a different experience because I was really wanting to continue on missionary work and be a missionary the entire time I was at the game.
We talked to people on the metro and made friends with the custodians at the game and talked with people.  It was really fun to see all the missionaries again and I just loved feeling so happy!! It was a really enjoyable night. We taught a couple people about this wonderful gospel and shared Book of Mormons with others!!

Sister Udall and Sister Akin at the Nationals game!

I hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful week!! Think about what cause you are fighting for!! It makes a difference :)

Love you all!
Sister Udall

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