Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Serve and Love others!

Miracles galore!!! Oh my my my!!! I am so blessed!!! And there is so much to say!!! So little time though!! But I will share the highlight of my week!!

So to start out this story I will tell you that our sink was REALLY backed up. Let's just say it was a tender mercy that I found it when I did at 10pm at night!! We had to bail it out and transfer the water from the sink to the bathroom.  Not the funnest activity, but we laughed lots! And then the next morning the repair men took 3 of them to fix it, and 5 hours!! So we decided to go somewhere for lunch.  So, we decided to try Roy Rogers. Something we had never tried. We both weren't sure of what to expect, BUT the experience was wonderful!! Here's why!!

So we were going to pay for our food, and a man comes us behind the lady checking us out and says, "I am paying for them." He just introduces himself and says that he is so grateful for our service! He said that he appreciates all we do to make the community better.  I was shocked!! I said, "Are you sure?" He laughed and so did I. It was just such a nice and random act of kindness!! Then we got our food and sat down to eat!! Well that food tasted so good!! It was a cheeseburger, some fries, and chicken strips.  Not too fancy, but the fact that I knew I was appreciated was wonderful!!! That man's service made me appreciate what he had to offer me so much more!!

Then I thought...well, if we all served others and just showed them that we love them, everyone would appreciate our sincere invitation to hear about the gospel. They would try it and love it!!! (without a bad taste in their mouth at all) And all because they felt love and service shown towards them!!! Oh my, I was so grateful for that man! It lifted my spirits and just let me know that I really was being watched out for.
As we were eating, I observed him taking peoples trays and talking to them. He was so sincere and nice!! He is a shining example of what I want to become like.  And then he came over and talked to us again. It was so nice.  So, moral of the story....just serve and love others and what we have to offer them will mean so much more to them!!!!! Be sincere and loving!
I love Roy Rogers now!! :)
I hope that everything is going well for everyone!!! I know that Heavenly Father is so mindful of us!! He loves us!! And since I know that I feel so much that I need to share that with others...through my actions, words, and way that I treat others.
Sorry this is a quickie :)
Love you all!!!!!!
Sister Udall

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