Monday, January 13, 2014

Heavenly Father is in the details of His children's lives everyday!!!

        Like usual, miracles galore...and I'm learning why there are so many miracles all the time! It's because Heavenly Father is in the details of His children's lives every day!!! That's true. I have seen it so much!! Especially this week. I am really looking for them more, and have been praying  for them to be shown to me. And it works!! So here are some of the examples of miracles that I have seen in the past week. And the crazy thing is that these miracles happened by a series of little things. So don't ever doubt for one second that the one good deed you did today or the thought to call someone is just "a thought".  No! They are promptings (though not earth shaking). Divine guidance from our Heavenly Father on how to help out his children..our brothers and sisters!!

So Sister Randquist and I found a less active sister in November/early December. She wasn't in our ward directory and on our records, so it was a miracle that she had requested a Book of Mormon sent to her home...and we showed up! She has been a member for a really long time, but just got lost since she moved to Florida. She is originally from Ghana, in Africa. We have really tried to meet with her, and get an appointment with her, etc. And even invited her to church. She said no, and a few times she tried to make an appointment but she hasn't been there. Lately she has tried to make an appointment, but it hasn't worked out. And then when we have been in her apartment complex, we have ran into her when we weren't planning it. I know now that that is not coincidence, but Heavenly Father helping her see that she isn't forgotten. Then we were with a member of our ward walking in that apartment complex the other day, and this sister drove up in her car, rolled down her window, and told us to come talk to her!! Wow, miracle! Then we introduced her to the member. This sister then said that she and her son were coming to church on Sunday! We were so excited! Well, church started and we hadn't seen her. But after the sacrament we saw her come in!! My heart was so happy! And then on top of that, the first speaker was an older brother who had just come back with his wife from a mission in Ghana!! So this sister who hadn't been to church in years was able to listen to a man talk about Ghana. Now I know that Heavenly Father had divine intervention in that. And think about it, if she had come to church a month ago, maybe she wouldn't have felt as welcomed. Who knows! But I do know that the Lord's timing is perfect and that he places people in our lives for a specific reason. What I was hoping for (her coming to church in November) would not have been as great as the Lord's plans (her coming to church AND meeting this senior missionary couple AND listening to them talk). Think about it, Heavenly Father's hand is in everything!!! I just think that is so amazing!!!

And who would have ever thought mentioning Costco would put a smile on someone's face. We were visiting another less active sister and she is looking for a new job. She has been really stressed out and anxious lately. Well, Sister Nowels just thought she would mention Costco, and she got the biggest smile on her face!! She said that a couple weeks before, a lady from Costco was at Home Depot and needed help. This sister helped her out. The lady that works at HR in Costco gave her all of her information and told her to call her. The sister we were visiting realized that she had forgotten all about her, and that bringing up Costco reminded her that she could get a job there!!! What! We all stood there amazed at what had just happened!! I know that God placed that lady from Costco in her path and that Sister Nowels would remind her of it. So don't ever doubt random thoughts like bringing up Costco. It will mean a lot to someone.  It will let them know that God is aware of them!!

Oh, so many instances of this...I can't even count them all!!! And I wouldn't have time to share all of them with you.
But I know that we will find more happiness and contentment in life as we count our blessings and look for the hand of the Lord in our lives every day! He is there helping us!
And don't ever be afraid to do a good deed! Heavenly Father has put us here to help each other out!
I love this hymn! (Have I Done Any Good?)
It just came to my mind...

There are chances for work all around just now,
Opportunities right in our way,
Do not let them pass by,
Saying "Sometime I'll try",
But go and do something today.
I love missionary work! Heavenly father has places opportunities for all of us to serve and to uplift daily! Let's take them and recognize when he blesses us as well!! How blessed we are!!!

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Udall

Oh and it was really cold this week...
one of the sisters in the mission office told us that we
needed to cover our nose and mouths when we were outside. I feel that we look like bandits! HaHa.
Here is what we looked liked :) We had some good laughs about that!
But it is warm again :) All is well. 

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