Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So Grateful!

July 22, 2013

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today!! 

Thank you for all of your letters! They always make my day and I can't even tell you how much it means to me! I will try and write back when I can.  
So this week was filled with miracles(as every day always is:)), but a lot of them happened on Sunday! 

We are now officially teaching Kayla who is a wonderful example to me of enduring trials! Wow, she has been through so many, but she still has faith in God and wants to do the right things! She is a mom who has so much on her plate, and still wants to do what is right! Sometimes she struggles with understanding why bad things happen to good people, but we all do! She is an inspiration to me! I really hope that as she reads the Book of Mormon daily she will feel the peace and comfort that comes with it.  I just remember sitting in the last lesson we had with her and thinking, don't give up!!!!  

Last night we met a man doing yard work, and he told us to knock on the door and talk to his wife. Crazy, cause that hasn't ever happened before!  She was soooo nice to us and was so excited that we were talking about Jesus. She LOVES Christ and told us that she isn't sure if any religion is true but wants to know.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and will see what happens! I just remember looking at that house and having a really really good feeling about it! So I am so glad we were able to share the gospel with their family!

Since it was so hot this week, 3 people let us inside their house and gave us water! That's pretty unheard of! We were let inside 2 times in one day! None of them were interested in hearing more about the gospel, but they were all such a blessing to us! One lady, Mary, gave us ice packs to put on our necks to cool us down. She was so cute! And she knows someone in our ward.  Another lady, who we taught a lesson to, made us milkshakes :)  And the other couple had a Book of Mormon--he even got it out and showed us!  People are so nice here!

Bethany Hartt, Sister Udall, Sister Hansen,
and Ann Marie. Bethany and Ann Marie
are in Rachel's current ward.
I remember sitting at dinner one night (at a member's home) and just being so content. I thought, I would have never met these people if I weren't on my mission! And all of these members are such stalwart examples and so fun! I feel so blessed to be out here! I know that Heavenly Father blesses us so much--and sometimes even more than I think I deserve.  So bottom line is that I am so grateful to be out here.  I was even happy as we were walking around in the sun Saturday afternoon talking to people! I looked really hot and gross, but I was still happy.  Sharing the gospel is such a happy thing! Today I am so grateful to be here and for everything that Heavenly Father has blessed me with!

I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and this Church! I know it's true and know that it's the reason my life is so blessed!

Love, Sister Udall

As a missionary mom, I also want to express my gratitude for all the angels out there who watch and care for her while she is serving her mission. No matter what kind of angel you are; whether it be a letter/package, a stranger inviting her into their home because it is so hot or having her for dinner...these tender mercies mean a great deal to me and gladden my heart. As a mother, it is daily spiritual exercise of faith to have Rachel serve for 18 months, especially when I am so limited in what I can do for her. I am absolutely dependent on the Lord and angels
to watch over her. Again, I too am "so grateful" to those who I don't know who take care of her and those I do know who support and love her while she is in Virginia. It means the world to me. Thank you! 

This one is of Brother Roberts who we have been teaching! He is the best! And too cute! After our lesson last Monday he asked if he could get a picture with us! He probably took 15...we felt like we were famous :)

Sister Hansen, Sister Udall and Bethany Hartt
at Chipotle

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