Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Perfection vs. Progression

                                                                                   July 15, 2013

I am officially one transfer into my mission! And yes, I am still with Sister Hansen in the Great Falls Ward!  Six more weeks here, I can't wait to see what will happen!  We have both decided we really need to work hard this summer.  Everyone tells us that the ward shuts down in the summer and that everyone is gone on vacation, etc.  Well we are finding that that is true.  HaHa!  This week was a little rough because most of our investigators (all the ones that we have talked to recently)  just told us they will be out of town for an entire month!  So SAD!! A month is a long time, and I hope that they don't forget about us!  So sad to say, we don't have too many investigators right now, but that's ok because we will find more!!! It will happen! But Sister Hansen and I set up more specific goals for our finding this week, so since we are focusing on it, we are going to find those that are ready to listen to us and hear more of our wonderful message.  During our personal study yesterday, Alma 21 and Mosiah 24 were both really comforting chapters for us (and Mom it is so neat how you mentioned Mosiah 24 as one of the scriptures in your letter! You are so inspired) 

This week, we got two referrals from the Hermanas in Bella Vista (the spanish ward in our stake).  And we were able to teach a lesson to 5 Egyptian guys because of it! We walked up to their apartment and two of them saw us and were so nice.  They invited us in! (And don't worry we had a member with us!! Bethany actually!)  We then started talking to them and taught them the restoration.  One by one, more of their roommates started to come out of their rooms.  By the end, we had 5 listening intently to us! It was so cool!  It was kind of crazy because they were all at different places with religion, understanding the language etc., but I could totally feel the Spirit!!  One of the guys even came to church on Sunday! Since I was giving my talk, I saw him walk in late. Unfortunately he had to leave right after Sacrament meeting because of work, but he said he would come again!  I am sad that he wasn't there for the sacrament, but he came!  (Oh, my talk went well apparently.  Everyone said it was good.  And I felt good about it.  It was really cool to see how Heavenly Father really knows the need of the ward, because all 3 of us that spoke really had the same message...Share the gospel!  I hope that I am able to help the members start making missionary work an even bigger part of their life.  There is already so much good that they do!) Sunday was so good! So many miracles, and missionary work is just the best! That's all I have to say!  Something I really liked from a return missionary (it was his homecoming talk, so he spoke) was that your "all" on your mission is seeing the progression that you make as you are trying your best everyday. It's not about becoming this "perfect" missionary, but seeing a change in yourself over time. I hope that I can say the best at the end of my mission is much greater than the best that I am giving right now!

But I am so grateful for this opportunity to be out here on a mission! I know that this church is true and that it will bless all of our lives! I know that the center of this gospel is Jesus Christ and His grace.  We can all access this grace as we humble ourselves, have faith, and are diligent!  (D&C 104:78-80)

I love you all and know that we can all make a difference every day as we strive to have charity just like Christ!


Sister Udall

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