Friday, July 18, 2014

"In the Strength of the Lord..."

July 16, 2014


Oh, I have so many thoughts and things that I could say! Where to begin!? This week was a really amazing week! We have seen so many miracles (as always, because this is God's work!)!!

Well, one thing that I do want to say is that I have learned a lot about humility lately.  I have studied about it for the past two days, and it is amazing!! I'm realizing that God's way is ALWAYS better than mine, and when I trust in his way and do my best to follow it, he blesses me a billion more times than I could have ever done for myself. He is too good to us!! I've learned that humility literally strengthens us.  We are strengthened because we now have God's power, and not jus our own. I have also been working on noticing God's power and hand in my life, and there is so much of it, I couldn't even begin to write it all down now. I am so blessed!!

So these are some of the things we have done this week "in the strength of The Lord":

We had an investigator come to church. She always has a million questions for us, and she was able to have most of her questions answered. She was apprehensive about coming to church. She said that she didn't need church because church was in her heart.  Well, I promised her that if she came to church she would see why it is so
great and she would want to come more. She saw that everyone's testimonies are powerful. Her questions were answered by other members who said the right things at the right time. We could not have answered her questions on her own!!

I played the piano at two baptisms!! And I didn't have much time to practice either. It's a miracle that I made it through!!

We have had a rental car for a really long time...and it was time to get our car back!! Well, when we went to return the rental car there was a lot of complications, but we got through all of it and we now
have our car back!!!

We went on a blitz with the sisters in Crystal City. I was really scared because the busy city intimidated me. We said a prayer before we went out, and by the end of our hour and a half, we had met and taught this really sweet girl!! She loved the restoration and wants to get baptized!! It was an amazing experience and a testimony to me that when we are patient, God will work miracles!!!

Oh, there are so many, many more!!
I don't think I've ever been this busy and happy before on my mission. It truly is a testament to me that we find ourselves the happiest when we lose ourselves in the work of God!!

I love you all!!
Sister Udall

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