Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Can I just say, we had soooo many miracles this week!!  I know I say that in every letter, but it's true. 
There were so many people that we were able to talk to this week that we haven't been able to talk to in a while. 
We got to see Kayla! She was outside and was so happy to see us.  Even though we didn't get to teach her anything, it made my day that we saw her.  She always brightens my day up!  
Another time we were driving to a dinner appointment and we saw Glenn, another one of our investigators, outside washing his truck.  We were able to stop by and say hello to him as well!  We then invited him to church and he ended up coming on Sunday!!! 
We talked to a lady waiting at a bus stop a couple weeks ago (who happens to know a Mormon that rides on the bus with her) and hadn't seen her since.  But we saw her this week! I got to share the Joseph Smith story with her and gave her a pamphlet.  She then said, I will have to show this to my friend  :) 
We were able to do service for someone! She was outside working in her garden and we asked her if we could come and help.  She said she was done for the day but that we could come back the next day!  So we came back and helped Mary with her garden.  She was so nice and sweet to us.  Her backyard is full of birdfeeders and lots of birds! You can hear the birds singing in the yard and it is just too cute!   
On Saturday, we were teaching the Plan of Salvation lesson to some members in our ward. (Our mission president has asked us to do that so the members can understand how simple and wonderful the gospel is!)  And it just hit while we were teaching how grateful I am for eternal families! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ! I know that he suffered not only so that we can live again, but that we can repent of our wrong choices so that we can live with God again!  I know that as we all have faith in Christ and use His Atonement in our lives we will be able to live together as families forever with Heavenly Father!
There are also some members in our ward that have some friend they are working with, and the members told us they want us to teach them eventually! 
We have had so many little miracles this week that reaffirm that Heavenly Father's hand is totally and completely in this work! He is there for all of his children!!

We also had another miracle happen this week...we had a potential investigator come to church!!!  His name is Cedrick and he's from Malawi...pretty cool!  We talked to him a month ago and gave him a restoration pamphlet and invited him to read and pray about it.  When we checked on him last Tuesday night he had read it AND prayed about it! He said he would come to church!! Well, we were excited but a little bummed that we didn't get his number. He then called us that night to verify the address of the church. MIRACLES!  And he ended up coming on Sunday!  We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read the introduction and then start reading and praying about it. He said he would!  He even said he would stay for all 3 hours of church next week if he could.  Hopefully we will meet with him this week and actually teach him a lesson!!
We also had a lesson with someone who has met with the missionaries in the past.  He is so nice!  He is definitely a spiritual person and is always seeking truth.  Definitely a thinker.  But he asked us all about the Book of Mormon.  How it is complied, etc.  And he says he knows it is true!  He needs to pray about it though, and gain a testimony of Joseph Smith as well, but it was so neat to see that he had truth seeking questions for us.  He even said, so what would it mean to know that this is all true? Well, bottom line is he wants us to come back.  He was listening intently to what we had to say!
And I just LOVE the members in the Great Falls ward! They are so great!!  At church we had multiple people come up to both Glenn and Cedrick and introduce themselves.  And I was so glad to see how many members came out to see Eric Murray speak at a new member fireside. Brother Murray was baptized May of 2012. We helped him write down his testimony and helped him practice.  The new member fireside is when recent converts to the church share their stories and bear their testimonies.  It's a really powerful meeting!   It just made me so happy last night to see how everyone was there to support him as he shared his testimony.  His testimony and conversion story was really simple, but I could feel his sincerity and the power of the Holy Ghost as he was speaking.  I was so happy for him!!! Last night at the fireside felt like a celebration.  We were all celebrating that we have the fullness of the gospel in our lives! We were rejoicing in the sweetness that it brings to each one of us!  It truly blesses our lives! In the meeting, I had the thought that heaven will feel just like this except magnified beyond our belief!  But for now I am so glad that we can feel a little bit of heaven here on earth.  I am so grateful for the Spirit!  I am so grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ that is on the earth today! I am so grateful that I know it, and am grateful we have the opportunity to share what we have with others! I know that this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has what we need in order to be truly happy and return to our Heavenly Father again!!
I am so grateful for this 40 day has really helped me! I can already feel that I am changing. I have more of a desire to think about others and their happiness.  I don't want to dwell on my problems, my struggles, my trials.  I want to help others! And there are plenty of things that I am still trying to overcome, but I know that with the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can overcome them! It definitely takes patience and perseverance, but I know that this is what will bring lasting blessings and true happiness!
I know this letter is super long, but here is some news for you all...I saw President Riggs yesterday and he asked me how I was.  I said I was great! And then he laughed and said, "Well I'm doing even better than you because I am not training on Thursday!"  It took a second for it to sink in.  But it's official! I am training starting Thursday! AHHH!! And I will be staying in Great Falls :)  Last week in my letter from president he said to "get to know the area well".  That was a pretty big hint.  haha  So this next week I will have a wonderful new companion to tell you all about! I am so sad that Sister Hansen and I won't be together for much longer, but the Lord has other things for us to do. 
Well, I don't know if there is anything else left to say.  I hope that everything is going well at home!!! I am always praying for you all!! Keep on being amazing!
Sister Rachel Udall

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