Monday, August 12, 2013

New postal instructions


Dear Elders & Sisters,

As of May 2013 (I think they mean Aug. 2013), the Postal Inspector from the United States Post Office (USPS) has instructed the mission office that we cna no longer forward 1st class mail free of charge. With this in mind, please note the following changes in our mail policy effective immediately:

1) Please let your family and friends know they will now need to send mail directly to your apartment;
2) After this upcoming transfer, any mail received in the office will be given to your Zone Leaders at the following Mission Leadership Council (held on the first Thursday of each month) OR will be handed out at the next Transfer Meeting (whichever comes first);
3) On the Monday of Transfer Week, please notify your family that you will let them know by email on Friday whether you were transferred or not. If you ARE transferred, then you will notify them during the Progress Record Time of your new apartment address. Ask them to hold onto the mail for that week until they receive your email on Friday;
4) Fill out and submit a "Change of Address Form" through the USPS each time you are transferred so that your mail will automatically be forwarded to your new apartment.

Sister Harris deserves your thanks and praise for the way she has handled the mail coming through this office. She will continue to do so with the inadvertent mail that will continue to come to the office. However, it will no longer be forwarded after this upcoming Transfer Meeting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Sister Harris at the Mission Office.

We love you!

President Riggs & the Senior Office Couples
So I guess I will let you know if I am transferred or what is happening.  Transfers are Thursday the 18th.  And my address that I am atright now is 1444 Crowell Rd. Vienna, VA 22182.  So just let everyone know.  But it's not a big deal if they send it to the mission office.  I just won't get it until the next transfers. 
So just wanted to write that down before I forgot! haha

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