Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Miracles and Sunshine

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was full of miracles and lots of sunshine!!! 
We have two new investigators!! One of our new investigators is someone that we found from tracting on my first day in the field! He is an older gentleman from Burma and is so kind. The first time we met him at his door, he said we could come back and "convince him". Well, we won't convince him, but I know that the Spirit can if he keeps all the commitments we give him.  He has A LOT of questions about the church and is extremely impressed with the success of the church, but says that he wants to learn more. It's almost intimidating how much he knows! haha  He was asking me the other day about fast offerings.  He is a prepared soul, that is all I have to say!  He knows a couple in our ward, and he has cousins that are members.  At our lesson, he said that he could see himself joining the church at this time.  He said he had a good feeling about us missionaries and just needs to gain a testimony for himself! 
We had so many miracles with some less active memberes in our ward.  We visited two sisters who have not been to church in a while, and both of them came to church on Sunday!  I know they are both unders so much stress and have a lot on thier plate, but they still came!  It made my heart so happy to see both of them there!  I know that as we go to church we are blessed more than we can ever know!!  Another sister that we have been visiting is too sweet to us!  We talked about preparing to go to the temple and preparing family names to take to the temple.  At the end of the lesson, she told us that she will be at our temple sealings some day! 
We also found two really amazing people that are interested in learning more about the gospel! They both took a Book of Mormon, and were so kind, nice, and interested.  We gave a Book of Mormon to a girl about my age, and she is so awesome!  She has already heard about the Church and wants to read the Book of Mormon.  She loves Christ and has just recently started praying more!  It is truly amazing how the Lord is preparing people for us to talk to, and that this is HIS work...no if, and or buts about it!
Sister Udall and Sister Berg
I went on an exchange with Sister Berg this week.  That was an amazing experience.  We got to teach two lessons, and both of them were so powerful and beautiful in thier own ways. For one of them we watched the Restoration film, and it was amazing to feel the presence of the Spirit in the room!  The young man also said that his friends told him he shouldn't get baptized, because once he is baptized you get a "negative energy".  Sister Berg asked him what he thought about that, and he smiled and said, "I want to get baptized, and I have only felt a positive energy so far!"  It is so true! The Spirit has a positive influence on our lives!   The other man that we taught was amazing as well.  After we had said a prayer with him, he said that that was the closest he has ever felt to God before.  It made me so happy to hear both of them talk about how the Spirit has touched thier lives already!  Sister Berg is also one of the most inspiring people I have met! And it is because she is the queen of thoughtfulness and service!  She was always complimenting me and was as positive and excitied about missionary work as anyone could ever be! It was contagious! Then she made omlettes for us in the morning!  She is so thoughtful, and I hope that I can follow her example more. 
So the picture that Bethany Hartt texted you is actually a cool one...the man I am talking to is from Switzerland!!! I almost died when he said he was from Switzerland.  I was so excited!  His name is Fritz (such a cool name, right?).  He was very nice and kind.  I don't know how interested he was in the gospel, but he made my day! (Oh, and Bethany Hartt just got her mission call to the San Fernando, CA Mission! What a small world.  She is speaking spanish, but look out for her in August or so.)
I also saw my friend Melissa Lund at church on Sunday! Her ward meets right after mine...crazy!  It was so fun to see her!
"Random animals everywhere, even at the
Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot."
 What should we name this new friend of Rachel's?
Name contest...winner gets a prize!

This week went by really fast, and I hope that is because I am doing my best and working hard.  It is amazing how many miracles I have seen in the past week (and weeks).  I am so grateful for the hand of the Lord in all of our lives!  He truly does know us, and is there for us all the time.  We just need to open up our heart and let him work miracles in us!  I am learning that every day, and don't know where I would be without it!  It is amazing to see how the gospel is being spread to all the world and how the work is hastening on.  I know that it is moving forward everywhere!!  It really shows how much God loves all of us.  He doesn't want us to wait another minute to share it with others.  They need to know how great it is ASAP! 
Love you all so much!
Sister Udall

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  1. That little guy is TOTALLY a Ronaldo!! She is so happy which makes me so happy! Thanks for posting everything and all the great updates :]
    love you guys!